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an ancient coastal region of northwestern Asia Minor (including Lesbos) where the Aeolians founded several cities around 1100 BC

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Iberdrola Portugal has announced the creation of a new company in Portugal, Aeolia, to promote renewable energy in the country, mainly through finding sites for new wind farms and their subsequent installation.
16 Mars Australia, New Zealand Best Worldwide Occultations by Minor Planets, Mid-May to December 2003 2003 Occulting Diameter Date UT body (km) May 19 [10.1.sup.h] 78 Diana 116 May 20 [22.7.sup.h] 1232 Cortusa 33 May 31 [21.3.sup.h] 107 Camilla 237 June 3 [6.2.sup.h] 363 Padua 96 June 6 [12.8.sup.h] 267 Tirza 52 June 8 [7.3.sup.h] 179 Klytaemnestra 81 June 14 [9.4.sup.h] 773 Irmintraud 99 June 20 [15.8.sup.h] 690 Wratislavia 140 June 24 [10.6.sup.h] 124 Alkeste 80 June 26 [4.6.sup.h] 976 Benjamina 87 July 7 [2.2.sup.h] 469 Argentina 129 July 12 [11.8.sup.h] 313 Chaldaea 101 July 18 [6.1.sup.h] 1263 Varsavia 49 July 19 [8.6.sup.h] 976 Benjamina 87 July 22 [1.4.sup.h] 396 Aeolia 34 July 26 [0.2.sup.h] 1294 Antwerpia 34 Aug.
this foul beast Has tracked Iona from the Theban limits, From isle to isle, from city unto city, Urging her flight from the far Chersonese To fabulous Solyma, and the Aetnean Isle, Ortygia, Melite, and Calypso's Rock, And the swart tribes of Garamant and Fez, Aeolia and Elysium, and thy shores, Parthenope, which now, alas!
Odysseus' next landfall was Aeolia, where lived Aeolus, the god of the winds.
From internal evidence (lines 636-640), it is assumed that the author's father migrated across the Aegean from Cyme in Aeolia because of poverty.