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Celtic god of love and beauty

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In a question posed to Mr Shatter, Sinn Fein Deputy Aenghus O Snodaigh asked if the minister's attention had been drawn to "the fact that many Garda divisions in Dublin will have to scale back their normal policing levels and operations in the final quarter of the year due to a significant shortfall in the Garda budget".
TD Aenghus O'Snodaigh added: "It seems old habits die hard.
Aenghus O'Snodaigh added: "As Ceann Comhairle he has additional duties but it doesn't mean you have to book the dearest hotel or travel first class.
But the former Minister was criticised by Sinn Fein TD Aenghus O'Snodaigh.
The other semi-final sees Aenghus McAllister of Portmarnock take on Eddie McCormack of Galway.