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extinct primate of about 38 million years ago

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Aegyptopithecus, or the Egyptian monkey, was a tree-dwelling primate that lived 30 million years ago in the Fayum area when it was a swampy forest with a great density of other mammals.
In Aegyptopithecus this bone is ring-shaped, but in Saadanius it's a tubular outgrowth like that of apes and Old World monkeys.
far) aegyptopithecus limericks defining the word more entertainingly
The second and most intact cranium found of Aegyptopithecus Zeuxis was identified by Duke University primatologist Elwyn Simons.
Simons led excavation teams that uncovered the 40-million-year-old Catopithecus skull and three skulls from 35-million-year-old primates called Aegyptopithecus. Neither of these creatures displays anatomical links to omomyids such as the Wyoming specimens, he argues.