Aegypius monachus

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of southern Eurasia and northern Africa

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This has resulted in an increase in the number of malnourished young vultures being taken to wildlife recovery centres, and an increase in the number of reports of attacks on neonatal and non-neonatal livestock by Eurasian griffon Gyps fulvus and cinereous Aegypius monachus vultures (see Donazar et al.
2005: Application of central-place foraging theory shows the importance of Mediterranean dehesas for the conservation of cinereous vulture Aegypius monachus.
2005: Biologia y Conservation de las poblaciones de buitre negro Aegypius monachus en Extremadura.
A nivel provincial hay que destacar la riqueza faunistica de Caceres gracias, sobre todo, al Parque Natural de Monfrague, situado a unos 50 km del municipio y en el que podemos encontrar especies protegidas, como: Aegypius monachus (buitre negro), Aquila heliaca adalberto (aguila imperial), Ciconia nigra (ciguena negra), Lynx pardinus (lince), Bubo bubo (buho real).
Target species : Aegypius monachus Hieraaetus fasciatus Milvus milvus Neophron percnopterus