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a creek emptying into the Hellespont in present-day Turkey

a river in ancient Thrace (now Turkey)


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8) For several days the Athenians engaged Lysander in naval combat, building up their forces before Lampascus at dawn and returning to Aegospotami at nightfall.
But when the naval power of Athens was shattered at Aegospotami, Agis and Lysander, the son of Aristocritus, in defiance of the faith which Sparta had publicly plighted to Athens, proposed to the allies, of their motion, and without the sanction of the Spartan state, that Athens should be destroyed root and branch.
Born about 460, the son of Cleippides, who was elected strategos in 428; a lyre maker by profession, he came to power on the wave of democratic opposition to the oligarchs (410); his dedication to a policy resembling Cleon's led him to reject Spartan peace overtures after the battles of Cyzicus (41) and Arginusae (406); in domestic matters, he led the prosecution of members of the oligarchy, and introduced poor relief to raise morale among Athens' poor; continued to urge resistance in the face of disaster after the great Spartan victory at Aegospotami (405), but he was arrested when the oligarchs returned to power, tried, and executed (404).
When the Athenian fleet was destroyed at Aegospotami (405 bc ), Sparta succeeded in reducing Athens to a second - rate power.
Not long thereafter Athens lost its fleet, control of the sea, and ultimately the war, along with its democratic regime, at Aegospotami, through the tactical incompetence of a commander who allowed his fleet to be surprised on the beach.