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Synonyms for Aegina

an island in the Aegean Sea in the Saronic Gulf

small medusa

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But with a certain crossing of the eyes I could put the two together: Aeginetan heroes silently fighting in the Trojan War and a lofty monument to the ancient island's mysterious grandeur.
I take (i) lines 41-2 to refer to two victories of Euthymenes at Aeginetan games,(7) and (ii) lines 45-6 to record an unspecified number of victories of Pytheas in Aegina and Megara.
i) [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is not always interpreted as referring to two Aeginetan victories of Euthymenes.
If this were true, the line would refer to an Aeginetan victory won by Euthymenes, which would make it a peculiarly vague reformulation of lines 41-2.
If Pytheas is the subject of [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in line 45, lines 45-6 refer to an unspecified number of Aeginetan and Megarean Victories won by him.
There must have been a general Aeginetan antipathy against Menander and the reason for this must have been that he was an Athenian.
The trainer passage itself (48-9) justifies the assumption that Menander is only mentioned by virtue of epinician conventions, notwithstanding a general Aeginetan antipathy against his Athenian origin.
They are the poet's Aeginetan audience, who at a moment when Aegina is at war with Athens may be expected to begrudge Menander his share in the festivities because of his Athenian origin.