Aegean civilization

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the prehistoric civilization on the islands in the Aegean sea and the surrounding countries

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However, a well-known artifact demonstrates that this new, foreign weapon was a unique characteristic of the Bronze Age Aegean world: the so-called Warrior Vase, discovered by no less a personage than Heinrich Schliemann, at no less a place than Mycenae, the very heart of Late Bronze Age Aegean civilization. This exceedingly important find, which dates to the mid-12th century BCE, depicts Mycenaean warriors marching in single file, carrying long spears and wearing greaves, bronze helmets, and coats of mail similar not only to those which Goliath is described as wearing, but to the images of related Sea Peoples on the Medinet Habu paintings, as well as to Homer's descriptions of Aegean soldiers.
Then follows four itineraries that are roughly chronological in history: Minoan Civilization: Crete 1900-1400 B.C.E.; Mycenaean Civilization: The Peloponnese 1500-1100 B.C.E.; Classical Civilization: Athens and Attika 480-336 B.C.E.; and Aegean Civilization: The Cyclades 30000-336 B.C.E.
The authors have succeeded in assembling up-to-date information relating to the international contacts of the Bronze Age Aegean civilization and the political situation in contemporary Anatolia, including Troy.
Although the authors note differences in these two earliest Aegean civilizations, these societies are depicted in the first chapter as having a greater degree of similarity than has been generally claimed.