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bushy annual widely grown in China and Japan for the flour made from its seeds

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Dispersion patterns of bean flower thrips, Megalurothrips usitatus (Bagnall) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on flowers of adzuki bean.
It would have been unseasonal to pass up the offer of home-baking, so I had a thick slice of chiffon matacha cake with adzuki bean cream.
Another important legume that is not well known in the US is the adzuki bean.
On 10 June, German authorities stated that mounting epidemiological and food-chain evidence indicated that bean and seed sprouts (including fenugreek, mung beans, lentils, adzuki beans and alfalfa) are the vehicle of the outbreak in Germany.
Cooking times for beans Cook Cook Cook Type: Name: minutes; minutes; minutes; (unsoaked) (soaked) (at 15 psi) Hard beans: Fava, lupine, 120-180 40 60 garbanzo, soy Regular Adzuki, black, 60-90 20 25 beans: cranberry, kidney, peas Soft beans: Black eye, 25-30 No soaking 10 lentils, split peas
For the rice: 8 ounce Japanese sweet rice, rinsed 4 times in cold water * 1 cup rice milk 1 teaspoon almond paste 1 teaspoon macadamia nut paste 1 teaspoon sesame paste 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated cinnamon Zest of 1/4 lemon 1 vanilla bean, seeds scraped from pod 1 1/2 ounces granulated sugar For the paste: 8 ounces adzuki beans Water as needed 4 ounces granulated sugar To serve: 1 ounce freeze-dried powdered mochi For the garnish: Rice ears * * available in Asian markets ** A Japanese rice cake, available in Asian markets.
Optically active 1'-acetoxychavicol acetate and its positional isomers: synthesis repellent effect against adzuki bean weevil.
Adzuki beans are coarse milled Japanese washing beans; good for face and body washes.
Boulder Canyon Natural Foods has introduced snack chips made with rice and adzuki beans.
maculatus, was investigated on cowpeas, green gram (Vigna radiate) and adzuki beans (Phaseolus angularis [Vigna angularis]) by [49].
Over the past few years the authors hare examined over 40 different types of beans of which three have very similar extrafloral nectaries to that of yard-long beans, namely, mung beans, adzuki beans and cowpeas (California Blackeye No.
Expansion continues this year, as Pangea launched a new lip-care line last month, as well as a crushed cranberry and adzuki bean facial scrub.
Good sources of zinc include dried beans, oatmeal, wheat germ, spinach, nuts, and soy products, with adzuki beans and pumpkin seeds providing superior amounts of this vital nutrient.
Dried beans such as black beans, kidney beans, adzuki beans and mung beans are a great addition to our soups and stews for this deep nourishment.