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an edge tool used to cut and shape wood


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The Cultural Significance of Polished Stone Adzes in East Kalimantan
Complex craft production organisation is reflected in the archaeological record through evidence for specialised production of basalt adzes on Tutuila Island during this period (Best et al.
The tests revealed that the wood comes from massive old oak trees felled by early Neolithic farmers with stone adzes between the years of 5206 and 5098 BC.
"We drag out probably two 10-foot black locust logs and we bring out old-fashioned 18th and 19th century log tools like adzes and framing saws and we hew logs into beams at Canal Fest," he said.
Professor R Alexander Bentley of Bristol University, who carried out the strontium analysis of teeth, found that men buried with distinctive neolithic stone adzes - tools used for smoothing or carving wood - had less variable isotope signatures than men buried without the tools.
Another department gave a hint about the traditional carpentry tools including saws, drills, adzes and mallets.
The sharpening sections pertinent to all levels of homesteading are on knives, scissors, axes and adzes, handsaws, drill bits and chainsaws, in addition to the thorough treatment of woodworking tools.
The tools are found in many habitation sites and include axes, adzes and chisels.
The tools that they examined are called adzes. They are made from basalt, a volcanic rock.
Comparisons of the Tuamotu adzes with these rocks showed that all but one came from surrounding island groups, such as the Marquesas, Pitcairn, Austral, and Society Islands.
Intended for collectors of Indian artifacts made in the prehistoric Midwest, this catalog displays above average examples of adzes, blades, amulets, pipes, pottery, and many other types of artifact.
Types included tula adzes (both minimally reduced and also in slug form), burren adzes, thumbnail, notched and nosed scrapers, and specialised wood engraving forms such as the marni wadna.
Adzes are represented by numerous greenstone specimens, largely fragments.
In ten weeks his team retrieved stone implements including adzes and polishing stones, pots and shards of coarse and fine geometric wares.