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(usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims

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"Our effort was insufficient to better understand the pain affected workers and their families went through," Samsung Electronics Chief Executive Kim Ki-nam said in a public apology during an event to sign the agreement with the advocacy group. Following the mediation panel`s decision earlier this month on the case, Samsung will pay up to 150 million won ($132,649.45) for each former and current employee suffering from work-related diseases if they are found to be caused by exposure to harmful chemicals.
Ople, the head of the labor advocacy group, noted that Alagasi suffered multiple burns after she was scalded by her female employer with boiling water.
Advocacy group CitizenGo campaign manager Anne Kioko claimed that the UN is behind the push for the introduction of comprehensive sex education.
BEIRUT: A day after The Daily Star reported on eviction notices served to refugees in the Bekaa Valley, advocacy group Human Rights Watch announced that as many as 10,000 people had been asked to leave their informal settlements.
When Trump asked him what he was doing, DavidAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA said, "I heard if I ye that they'd give me $5,000 dollars." The joke appeared to be a scripted part of the show's opening, and the advocacy group said the money would go to David regardless of whether it was spontaneous or not.
Washington: United States regulators and law enforcement agencies have met an advocacy group for Bitcoin, a digital currency that has been under fire for its purported role in facilitating anonymous money transfers.
After the Massachusetts Advocates for the Arts, Sciences and Humanities, an advocacy group with a less focused constituency but similar mission, ran aground a few years ago, the MCC and The Boston Foundation called on cultural leaders to form a restructured version, Siebels said.
"What has happened is that even the ordinary OFWs, whether they have an organisation or not, are becoming more aware of the need to speak for their rights," Yuri Cipriano, chairperson of Sulong OFW (Go Forward OFW), a migrant advocacy group, told Gulf News.
Advocacy Group Inc combines years of Madison Avenue e-commerce expertise, political campaign professionals and grassroots advocacy specialists to provide high-impact, advocacy campaigns.
Among four TV ads the Iowa-based conservative advocacy group released today targeting Democrats nationwide, the spot urges voters to take the "right path" on Election Day: "against Chet Edwards." (The other ads focus on U.S.
In an industry where too many rely on checking boxes, the Advocacy Group provides clients with highly tailored, strategically crafted solutions to forge a path to victory, said Gibson.
CAIR, the largest Muslim advocacy group in the US, has been accused by four members of congress of "trying to infiltrate the government".
Voice, a self advocacy group in Wrexham, have produced short animated films working with Yvonne Eckersley, senior lecturer in animation from Glyndwe r University.
CW: What do you see as the advocacy group's biggest challenge?
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