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(usually plural) a social group whose members control some field of activity and who have common aims

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The Neurotechnology Industry Organization (NIO) is a non-profit trade association that represents a broad spectrum of companies involved in neurotechnology (drugs, devices and diagnostics), neuroscience research centers and brain disease advocacy groups across the United States and the world.
The Second Amendment Sisters describes itself as ``a women's advocacy group dedicated to preserving the basic human right of self-defense, and to giving attention to the vital role the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution plays in protecting that right.
The Cyber Security Industry Alliance is the only advocacy group dedicated exclusively to ensuring the privacy, reliability and integrity of information systems through public policy, technology, education and awareness.
Young has close ties to Ouchi and the Coalition for Kids, a reform advocacy group headed by former Mayor Richard Riordan, Ouchi's one-time boss.
SAN FRANCISCO -- More than 20 leading pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies, along with major academic brain research centers and patient advocacy groups, have joined together to form a new trade association called the Neurotechnology Industry Organization (NIO).
In some cases in this country, dues have gone down well over 50 percent when workers claimed this exemption, according to public advocacy groups.
Gray Davis received a score of 73 percent, for signing the majority of bills backed by the advocacy group.
As President Bush gathers this week with his top aides and key Senate leaders, advocacy groups arm their war rooms and political advertising consultants draft 30- and 60-second television and radio spots, one question arises: with a seat on the Supreme Court at stake, how will the Web be used to motivate the masses?
The Mobile Enterprise Alliance (MEA) is a global advocacy group promoting the business benefits of workforce mobility to enterprise end users and decision makers.
The MEA is a global advocacy group promoting the business benefits of workforce mobility to enterprise end-users and IT decision makers.
CSIA is the only CEO-led public policy and advocacy group exclusively focused on cyber security policy.
com)-- Advocacy Group Inc launched a new website (www.
Among four TV ads the Iowa-based conservative advocacy group released today targeting Democrats nationwide, the spot urges voters to take the "right path" on Election Day: "against Chet Edwards.
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