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Synonyms for lovastatin

an oral drug (trade name Mevacor) to reduce blood cholesterol levels

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A fixed combination of lovastatin with extended-release niacin (Advicor) is commercially available.
The data came from ADVOCATE (Advicor Versus Other Cholesterol-Modulating Agents Trial Evaluation), which compared overall lipid changes in 315 dyslipidemic patients randomized to either Kos Pharmaceutical's fixed-dose single-tablet combination, atorvastatin, or simvastatin for 16 weeks (Am.
The three-year agreement on the drugs, Niaspan and Advicor, will take effect in January, enabling Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Inc.
Also available combined with extended-release niacin (Advicor).
Statins are also found in the combination medications Advicor (lovastatin + niacin), Caduet (atorvastatin + amlodipine) and Vytorin (simvastatin + ezetimibe).
Kos' two most prominent drugs in the segment are Niaspan, an extended-release tablet that raises HDL (good cholesterol), and Advicor, another extended-release tablet that treats multiple lipid disorders.
If a person does not respond adequately to any single drug therapy, a combination drug should be considered, such as lovastatin plus niacin (Advicor).
Nicostatin (Advicor) received Food and Drug Administration approval in December.