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an advertisement that is written and presented in the style of an editorial or journalistic report

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The Inquirer has proven it is willing to print an advertorial no matter who or what group or institution may get offended.
Although advertorials are widely used by government agencies, corporations, and lobbying firms to shape public opinion, mass communication scholars have yet to comprehensively examine their use and potential impact (Cooper & Nownes, 2004).
To illustrate this separation, this issue includes three articles on rethinking energy that express points of view vastly different than what appears in Suncor's advertorials.
RQ 1: What is the production practice of advertorials like?
9 million and involve television, radio and online advertisements, as well as advertorials in women's magazines, in November and December.
9m and involve television, radio and online advertisements leaflet drops and advertorials in women's magazines in November and December.
Rocco and Valladolid will appear on Spanish-language television programs, and Unilever will provide advertorials in Hispanic magazines, direct mailings and in-store promotions.
As well as the ongoing beauty and food campaigns "Pasa La Belleza" ("Spread the Beauty") and "Desafio del Sabor" ("The Flavor Challenge"), this year"s program features new talent and a variety of consumer touch points, including national television integrations on morning and evening shows shown on Spanish-language television network Univision, public relations outreach, print advertorials in best-selling Hispanic magazines, direct mail, and retail events in the top Hispanic cities across the United States.
Cartoons, jokes, word scrambles, air safety procedures and tourism-oriented advertorials all came together to form a general interest magazine for a grateful if captive audience of military personnel.
Alternatively, paid advertorials guarantee coverage but lack the credibility of genuine editorial.
Since advertorials are paid advertisements, the advertiser has complete control over what gets said, and how it's written.
According to the Commission, the notion of advertising spot' is defined too narrowly by Spain and as a result various forms of advertising that are familiar features of its audiovisual landscape - micro-slots, telepromotions, advertorials, etc - are taken as falling outside the 12 minute per hour limit and are subject under Spanish law to a different limit of 17 minutes per hour.
s "Information Center"-style newsroom, but that they object to vague proposals by management, such as having copy editors write advertorials.
In 2004, under pressure, The Oakland Tribune agreed to drop sports advertorials produced partly by sports-news staffers and unlabeled as ads.