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an advertisement that is written and presented in the style of an editorial or journalistic report

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I suspect that other media outlets do not have the guts to run the advertorials seeking the lifting by the Supreme Court of this TRO as they are afraid to offend the high court possibly because they have pending interests before that Court.
Asi, frente a los advertorials, como una modalidad de publicidad encubierta, los oyentes tienen menos capacidad para aplicar los mecanismos de defensa que si activarian si identificaran que el mensaje que escuchan es comercial (Nebenzahl & Jaffe, 1998: 813).
He distinguished advertorials and sponsored content in this way: "Sponsored content is fundamentally different because sponsored content pieces are written like a news story told by a marketing professional instead of the advertiser."
"What's more surprising is that over half of the adverts and advertorials reviewed didn't contain a specific drink responsibly message, other than making reference to the alcohol industry-funded Drinkaware website.
Alcohol Concern Cymru (ACC) today publishes research showing that more than half of adverts and advertorials in supermarket magazines do not contain a specific "drink responsibly" message.
Realising their mistake, all information, press release and advertorials for the contest were believed to be taken down by MAS from the internet, ( TIME observed .
" Second problem with media corporate ownership is this business of advertorials, private treaties.
Throughout the campaign, TV and radio programs will be broadcast, and advertorials will be published in local news papers and on social media.
They're the digital equivalent of "advertorials" you've seen for years in newspapers and magazines - and the corporate supporters who pay for them play no role in the Tribune's editorial decisions.
Publishing a magazine--an effort with which I have a bit more familiarity--involves editor types like myself planning a magazine issue; interviewing sources for the articles; acquiring and editing articles from companies in the industry; working with internal editors to get their content; and getting all the proper information, content and approvals from those who run advertorials. Meanwhile, the advertising and production staffs are working to sell ads in the magazine and attain from clients the creative related to those efforts.
Although advertorials are widely used by government agencies, corporations, and lobbying firms to shape public opinion, mass communication scholars have yet to comprehensively examine their use and potential impact (Cooper & Nownes, 2004).
"Look for companies that do not go for glitzy advertorials and publicity gimmicks or opt for fancy offices; the money saved on these campaigns are directly passed on to consumers.
Dunbar-Johnson stressed on cultural sensibilities being respected in different regions, and that it's important to monetise the INYT product without having to blur the lines between editorials and advertorials -- which is why the online version is paid-for.