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someone whose business is advertising

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The fact to be in possession of was therefore that his old friend, the youngest of several daughters of a poor country parson, had, at the age of twenty, on taking service for the first time in the schoolroom, come up to London, in trepidation, to answer in person an advertisement that had already placed her in brief correspondence with the advertiser. This person proved, on her presenting herself, for judgment, at a house in Harley Street, that impressed her as vast and imposing--this prospective patron proved a gentleman, a bachelor in the prime of life, such a figure as had never risen, save in a dream or an old novel, before a fluttered, anxious girl out of a Hampshire vicarage.
To launch the data marketplace, Amobee has integrated with more than 60 data providers and marketplaces--including Oracle Data Cloud, the LiveRamp Data Store, IRI, Inscape, Lotame, Eyeota and Tru Optik--to give advertisers access to more than 60,000 always-on audience segments to create bespoke targeted campaigns for connected TV.
Advertisers' suspicion that agencies are making covert deals with the media using their budget funds as leverage have been brought into the open, at times in a confrontational manner.
It is an extremely powerful system, which lets advertisers target specific users according to a detailed range of attributes.
Our AdAnalyst data revealed that just 36% of advertisers bother to get themselves verified.
Summary: In the US, advertisers are taking themselves off Facebook -- there is even a hashtag
Advertisers can set up and purchase advertising with self-serve platforms available for Google, Bing, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.
Facebook said Tuesday is cutting more than 5,000 ad-targeting options to prevent advertisers from discriminating based on traits such as religion or race.
This includes limiting the ability for advertisers to exclude audiences that relate to attributes such as ethnicity or religion...We want to help educate advertisers about their obligations under our policies.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 5 (ANI): Vidooly, a video intelligence startup on Friday launched a "Brand Safety" tool for advertisers, brands and agencies globally, whereby a brand's ads are displayed over or associated with content that violates the brand guidelines or brand philosophy.
Two months after Facebook admitted it had inflated the average time it told advertisers that users were watching their video ads, the company is promising better data to give ad buyers a clearer picture of how they are spending their money.
Further evidence of advertisers' growing concern about how their media budget is spent came this week as the World Federation of Advertisers called on members to act over ad fraud.
Customers, for my organization, are advertisers and agencies, So, to instill an approach that we can really try to listen to what the advertiser needs and deliver great ad products and great experiences for them so that they're able to make great connections with Yahoo's consumers.