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someone whose business is advertising

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NASDAQ:ADST) has introduced its next generation of Web-based Ad Sales designed to provide incremental revenue, advanced features and enhanced control for advertisers and publishers.
Advertisers maintain they are successfully producing commercials with nonunion actors, and the situation is ``business as usual.
How newspapers are selling their credibility to advertisers
The advertisers are finally starting to come around," says Lawrence Tuckett, who has also seen a greater interest in African American-targeted sites by advertisers.
These advertisers, after all, are not only spending a million a year to lease the space, but often are spending a million or more to construct some of these so-called "spectacular" signs.
Podtrac Helps Advertisers Find Brand Appropriate Target Audiences in Serial Audio and Video Content
The apparent belief on the part of the major networks is that advertisers want young, white and therefore ``upscale'' audiences.
Clearly, advertisers still have considerable clout with news organizations.
With the addition of these networks, SeeSaw is able to provide advertisers targeted demographic buys in sports bars, restaurants, college campuses, health clubs, grocery stores and travel centers.
Launched this past November, Turn is set to revolutionize online advertising by simplifying ad management while reducing risk, improving relevance, and increasing revenue for advertisers and publishers.
This is the most advertisers have spent in a one-week period since the company's terrestrial marketplace launched in 2005.
com Provides a Comprehensive Digital Engagement Platform That Connects Advertisers and Consumers Through the World of User Generated Content
With the AdECN Exchange, member ad networks buy on the exchange for their advertisers and sell on the exchange for their publishers.
Advertisers Experience Higher Conversion Rates Through Targeted In-Call Ads Versus Ads Sent to Mobile Devices
launch of The MIVA Precision Network, a vertical Pay-Per-Click network designed to enhance targeting and in turn drive higher value leads for MIVA advertisers.