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acting against or in opposition

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Given the nature and effects of an adversarial system, it is unsurprising to find differences between the defence bar's conception of their ethical obligations in sexual assault case s and the perceptions of Crown Attorneys regarding the ethical limits on defence lawyers when representing individuals accused of sexual offences.
Plea bargaining has changed the criminal justice system from an adversarial system into something more resembling an administrative model.
office of the public defender is essential to our adversarial system.
Part I explains how, under the current regime, independent juror research is antithetical, and consequently detrimental, to the integrity of trials in our adversarial system.
Hence, the inquisitorial method of legal practice is inherently less competitive in nature than the adversarial system, as it affords the disputing parties little opportunity to influence the evidence and proceedings to suit their own self-interest.
He also called on the federal government to embark on a less adversarial system when it came to Aboriginal and treaty rights implementation.
An authority report claimed the training could help subjects minimise the "negative aspects of conflict" - despite party politics being a deliberately adversarial system.
The perception in some courts seems to be that tribunals are unfettered by the constraints of the adversarial system and, with our inquisitorial powers, have leapt free of court's inability to mould and shape the case to its own ends as part of a search for the truth.
The proper functioning of the adversarial system requires--almost
It argues that the adversarial system stresses conflict resolution over finding the truth.
In theory, and many times in practice, the adversarial system facilitates the search for truth.
In the absence of external checks on judicial authority, self-applied jurisdictional limitations, effectuated through an inquisitorial procedure nested within our adversarial system, fill a crucial role.
He said in the adversarial system of administration of justice the litigants parties have to prove their case therefore; responsibilities lied on the shoulders of the lawyers especially in our society where there is lack of education, awareness and financial constraints to hire a counsel in order to protect their legal rights.