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the act of playing for stakes in the hope of winning (including the payment of a price for a chance to win a prize)

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Hypothesis 2: There will be an interaction of playing an advergame and flow on gamers' perception of brand personality; playing an advergame will more positively affect the perception of brand personality of gamers who are experiencing high flow compared with gamers who are experiencing medium and low flow.
Both advergames and virtual world advertising are better suited formats to the current advertising paradigm with a tendency to offer consumers a playful brand experience (Mendiz, 2010).
O advergame diferencia-se do product placement que e outra opcao oferecida as marcas que anunciam nos JE's ja bastante utilizada em filmes e programas televisivos.
No se agota: El advergame posibilita algo que ningun otro advergame puede lograr.
H1) El parecido expresivo y de contenido entre una serie de television y su advergame posibilita una interaccion mas real y, consecuentemente, permite mayores posibilidades de fidelizacion.
The Question: Are children who play advergames (video games that promote a product) that promote certain types of snack more likely to eat that type of food?
De otro lado, dentro de las hipotesis manejadas por Cauberghe y Pelsmacker (2010), proponen que las caracteristicas de los Advergames, como son la baia dificultad y la ausencia de niveles de juego, conlleva a un rapido desgaste publicitario (considerando al juego como una pieza publicitaria), lo cual puede Ilegar a redundar en una actitud negativa frente a la marca, asi como el no lograr un aumento de la recordacion de marca, conforme se aumenta la exposicion al juego.
In a study of online food marketing to children (Moore and Rideout 2007), only 18% of the marketers' Web sites were found to include ad break reminders, but details about where these announcements appeared--that is, whether they were in proximity to an advergame or to other online content--were not provided.
Desde un punto de vista economico, la produccion de un advergame es algo relativamente barato, especialmente si se compara con la produccion de otros formatos, como el spot audiovisual.
Advergames do not come across as intrusive compared to strategies such as pop-up ads for example, yet allow users to play an active role in advertising.
One avenue of resistance they are almost certain to pursue is challenging the constitutionality of advergame regulations in the wake of a series of recent federal court cases that have held that video games are highly protected speech, akin to books and movies, and thus can be regulated only if the restrictions survive heightened First Amendment scrutiny.
To wit, Leviathan recently developed an advergame for BellSouth to tie in with a DSL promotion.
com) An advergame, says Roundarch, is a viral marketing concept grounded in the belief that if a company can bring its brand promise to life in the form of entertainment, it will be able to be noticed above the noise in the market and speak in a playful way to its target audience.
com, which has long been considered the property that pioneered the advergame, has a catalog of more than 200 free-to-play games.
Among the most interactive of these new tactics aimed specifically at children is the advergame, a custom-built online game designed to promote a company's brand (Chester and Montgomery 2007; Mallinckrodt and Mizerski 2007; Moore and Rideout 2007; Weber, Story, and Harnack 2006).