venture capital

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wealth available for investment in new or speculative enterprises

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Explore WIRED personas: Adventure Capitalist, Culturazzi, Digital Gentleman, Gadget Girl, Gastronaut, and Smarter Upstarter.
TORONTO -- Clearly Canadian Brands (OTCBB:CCBEF) (the "Company") announced today that the far-reaching exposure from the documentary series Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist, which features a behind the scenes look at Clearly Canadian Brands and its product lines has been highly successful.
He is well known for his two books: Investment Biker and Adventure Capitalist, both of which detailed his trips around the world seeking economic and political truth.
The non-profit foundation, founded 25 years ago by the late adventure capitalist Franklin Salisbury to support the work of Nobel Prize winner, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, (discoverer of Vitamin-C), is credited with raising over $160 million dollars of "seed" support for cancer research at more than 100 universities and research hospitals in 18 countries.