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Synonyms for adventitious

not part of the real or essential nature of a thing

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associated by chance and not an integral part

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High frequency of adventitious shoot regeneration from commercial cultivars of evening primrose (Oenothera Spp.) using thiadizuron.
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Abdellatef and Khalafalla [2] demonstrated adventitious shoots and complete plantlet formation in G.
Thidiazuron stimulates adventitious shoot regeneration in different safflower explants.
Assessing the effect of nine hormonal treatments on plant height of adventitious shoots regenerated from cultured Brondal meristem tissue
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The efficient effect of TDZ on in vitro cultures has been reported in many species for axillary shoot emersion and adventitious shoot regeneration [21, 24-26].
Adventitious shoot organogenesis occurred later from the compact-inner portion of calli, and in more quantities than bipolar shoots.
Protocols for adventitious shoot regeneration in other different Paulownia species and hybrids have been defined (Rao et al., 1996; Yang et al., 1996; Bergmann and Moon, 1997), although the adventitious buds were also initiated from explants taken from juvenile material of unproven value, specifically from in vitro-grown seedlings.
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