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Synonyms for adventitious

not part of the real or essential nature of a thing

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associated by chance and not an integral part

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Inhibition of normal germination of seeds and callus proliferation and induction of adventitious buds were also observed in the seeds of Tillandsia eizii (PICKENS et al.
Morphogenic gradients of adventitious bud and shoot regeneration in epicotyl explants of Citrus.
It is well known that cytokinins stimulate plant cell division and participate in the release of lateral bud dormancy, induction of adventitious bud formation, growth of lateral buds, and in the cell cycle control.
Optimization of factors influencing each step of micropropagation procedure is necessary for successful regeneration through adventitious bud induction (STOJICIC et al.
Pickens KA, Wolf J, Affolter JM, Wetzstein HY (2006) Adventitious bud development and regeneration in Tillandsia eizii.
Continous micropropagation of juvenil larch from different species via adventitious bud formation.
Tang, Ishii and Ohba (1996) observed similar results; during the initiation culture on a basal medium WPM, containing 2-8 [micro]M of BA, it was observed that epicotyl explants of Alnus cremastogyne did not elongate, and adventitious buds and shoots were not formed.
35 mg L-1 IBA was effective for root formation from regenerated adventitious buds in Vitis vinifera.