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Synonyms for adventitious

not part of the real or essential nature of a thing

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associated by chance and not an integral part

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The individual plant was a 15 cm reproductive axis with bracts and raceme of 10-12 flowers (each of 4 sepals, 4 petals, 8 stamens, and 4 fused carpels), and root system comprised mycorrhizal and fleshy roots with adventitious buds. The annual floral axes arise from adventitious buds on the perennial roots and carry the laminar appendages (there are no flowers in their axils, but they are above the soil level), which are termed sterile bracts (in our study, bracts, for simplicity) [4].
Inhibition of normal germination of seeds and callus proliferation and induction of adventitious buds were also observed in the seeds of Tillandsia eizii (PICKENS et al., 2006).
Morphogenic gradients of adventitious bud and shoot regeneration in epicotyl explants of Citrus.
In vitro formation of adventitious bud and root on the htpocotyl of C.
Optimization of factors influencing each step of micropropagation procedure is necessary for successful regeneration through adventitious bud induction (STOJICIC et al., 2012).
(2011) reported that 3/4 strength MS medium with the addition of 0.35 mg L-1 IBA was effective for root formation from regenerated adventitious buds in Vitis vinifera.
The regeneration system of yacon has been established using adventitious buds or stem as explants, and virus-free seedlings have been successfully obtained (Zeng, 2004).
After counting the numbers of adventitious buds of each explant, the clumps with adventitious buds were divided into smaller clumps with 3-5 buds and then transferred onto the same MS media with 0.5 mg [L.sup.-1] BA to let shoots grow for another 4 weeks.
These buds are located under the skins of trees stem and root in 2 forms of adventitious buds and preventitious buds.
Shoot formation occurred through the development of adventitious buds that were formed in the foliar axil region.