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a member of Christian denomination that expects the imminent advent of Christ

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30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Seventh-day Adventist church in North America today launched a new website - www.
The foundation stone at the site of the new faculty in Gishushu, Remera was laid by Prime Minister Dr Pierre Damien Habumuremyi and the President of the World Seventh Day Adventist Church (General Conference), Elder Ted C.
The Havana seminary, which has graduated most of the pastors now serving Cuba's 294 Adventist churches, is active in the surrounding community, seminary officials said.
Seventh Day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures.
Zed, who is president of Universal Society of Hinduism, and who had a dialogue with some of the leaders of Seventh-day Adventist Church at their world headquarters in Silver Spring (Maryland, USA) on May 25, says that they are thinking to have further dialogue and might cooperate on common causes.
While maintaining the distinctive heritage and quality of the Seventh-day Adventist Christian education we already provide, we have created a new and enriched education for our students regardless of their faith.
This survey of Adventist music in PNG is a welcome addition to the small but growing list of publications of the musics of this intensively diverse nation.
In fact, in studies of Seventh-day Adventists and 86,000 nurses, those who regularly ate nuts weighed less than those who didn't.
Seventh-day Adventists abstain from alcohol, caffeinated drinks and smoking.
In each case these controversies revealed an ambivalence by Adventists toward other Christians and secular society--are we like them or different, and how much does it matter?
Palmero, 35 and a father of two, experienced this treatment after agreeing in 2000 to be the medical director of the Seventh-day Adventist Cooper Hospital in Monrovia.
In the past, many Seventh-day Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses in Spain, Italy, and Belgium have met great difficulties with military conscription.
Adventists have historically supported church-state separation, but Staver toes the common Religious Right line on religion and government.
The volume, Heirs of the Reformation, provides valuable historical and statistical information on Adventists in Europe, surveying their beginnings, tribulations, institutional development, and growth.
Not necessarily A study of 31,200 Seventh Day Adventists suggests that people who nosh on nuts five times a week, compared with people who rarely eat them, may halve their risk of heart attacks and coronary death.
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