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a member of Christian denomination that expects the imminent advent of Christ

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My observation is that Seventh-day Adventists are looked [at] askance to some degree.
The researchers followed 22,940 Californian Adventists closely for five years, and this was extended to 25 years at the end of the study.
Two years later, Harmon came into the orbit of the Sabbatarian Adventists, who had adopted from the Seventh-day Baptists the distinctive belief that the Old Testament observance of a Saturday Sabbath was still necessary for salvation.
In 1952, he began a half-century career as a teacher in Seventh-day Adventist schools on the elementary, secondary, and college level, with his first teaching job at the Adventist elementary school in Syracuse, N.
New university is to be established in Kigali City and the Seventh Day Adventist Church will expand the Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA) and also build its national headquarters in downtown Kigali.
Maranatha Volunteers International dedicated the Cuba Seventh-Day Adventist Seminary's first church building in Havana in a Mar.
State of the dead--Seventh Day Adventists believe that death is a sleep during which the "dead know nothing.
This standard biography of the Seventh Day Adventist leader established Numbers as an authority in Adventist and medical history and established White, who lived from 1827-1915, as the central figure in Adventist history and one of the most important women in the history of American religion.
Numbering around 16 million with about 66,000 churches in 203 countries, Seventh-day Adventists, a Christian denomination, accept the Bible as their only creed.
Chapter 3 pieces together responses from five Adventists interviewed about the language and instruments for church singing, choirs and the influence of Western music.
Seventh-day Adventists have a lower risk of heart disease.
By 1860, this group had a new headquarters (Battle Creek, Michigan) and an official new name: Seventh-day Adventists.
The Seventh Day Adventists deny the allegations of missionizing, but the police have determined that members of the church have focused on converting Jews to the Seventh Day brand of Christianity, particularly among immigrants from the former Soviet Union.
Seventh-day Adventists believe that the Sabbath is a memorial to creation and a day of celebration.
Ron Boucher, a division director for Gospel Outreach, an evangelistic ministry to Seventh-day Adventists, spent a day in Gambia with Palmero and witnessed the trust he cultivated with local residents.
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