Advent Sunday

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the first of the four Sundays during Advent

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WILSHAW On Advent Sunday the Rev Dennis |Shields led a service of Holy Communion at St Mary's Church.
One Sunday ago was the Sunday Next Before Advent since last Sunday was Advent Sunday.
Though Christmas decorations appear in some Swiss stores as early as October, the holiday season doesn't start until the First Advent Sunday.
The Advent Sunday service was led by Robert Nuttall.
Durham Cathedral becomes so crowded on Advent Sunday that the processions and carols have to be performed twice to accommodate all who wish to come.
Angie O'Gorman reflects on all the Advent Sunday readings on the NCR website at NCRonline.
Delaval Churches Together are hosting a Songs of Praise service at Seaton Delaval Hall on Advent Sunday, November 30, at 2.
DOZENS of churches in mid-Warwickshire will each be setting off a rocket to mark Advent Sunday at the weekend.
The first Advent Sunday is a very important holiday for us," explains Jonsson, "and so is December 13, St.
Advent Anticipation -- This is the kind of book that people regard as "normal" for Lent, but rarely for Advent: a set of day-by-day meditations from Advent Sunday through the 12 days of Christmas.
The first set to be used will be purple for Advent Sunday, November 29.
The Advent Sunday service next Sunday at 6pm will be led by Robert Nuttall and will include The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper EMLEY Sunday's Holy Communion service at |St Michael the Archangel focussed on Christ the King, reflecting on a very different perception of kingdom.
BARRY An advent Sunday concert performed by the Barry Male Voice Choir at St David's Church in Colcot at 6.
Knitted crib figures of the Biblical pair set off from Christ Church, Shieldfield, Newcastle, on Advent Sunday, and are travelling around the community until Christmas.
The programmes will be recorded in Hexham Abbey, with the first for Advent Sunday celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Royal School of Church Music, and the other two programmes about the town and Northumberland.