Advent Sunday

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the first of the four Sundays during Advent

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As this was Advent Sunday - the beginning of the New Year for the church - the service began with the lighting of the first candle on the Advent wreath and the emphasis was on preparing for both the anniversary of Christ's birth and looking forward to the second coming.
They are now harmonised with surrounding church bells and ring out at Easter, the day before Advent Sunday, Christmas Eve and the New Year.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday WEEK ONE - Setting the Scene for Advent and Christmas NOVEMBER 2010 DECEMBER 2010 28 29 30 1 1st ADVENT SUNDAY WORLD AIDS DAY PSALM 122:1-5 ISAIAH 2:1-3 PSALM 122:6-8 MATTHEW 24:42-44 Activities and Open your mind Light your Prepare a services at God's and your heart home, inside quiet place house are your to peaceful and outside, to in your heart priority this season.
Thomas, whose proper feast day (21 December) is preempted by the Advent Sunday liturgy.
The group has also created pilot programs for an Advent Sunday school and a Lent Sunday school.
And so, yesterday on Advent Sunday, I opened the box and uncurled them once more from the 1977 ECHO.
One Sunday ago was the Sunday Next Before Advent since last Sunday was Advent Sunday. In case I've lost you I'll lose you further.
These include "For Advent" (1849); "Advent" (1851); "Advent" (1858); "Advent Sunday" (pre-1886); "Advent" (pre-1886); and "Sunday before Advent" (pre-1893) (Poetical Works 117-18, 148, 156-57, 179-80, and 202-03).
The arrival of the Christmas tree on December 23 (it should be chosen on the last Advent Sunday and stay up through Twelfth Night) is the final moment of preparation.
Church rites will also include the lighting of the white center candle - the Christ candle - in the Advent wreath in today's celebraion of the fourth Advent Sunday.
Joint service for Advent Sunday at St Andrew's, Callander at 11.15am.
IAN 'The Birch' Birchenall joined Radio Leicester's Ian Stringer to set the streets of Quorn alight as they switched on the village Christmas lights on Advent Sunday.
|Family communion for Advent Sunday with children's activities at St David's Church was led by the Rev Nick Heaton.
Durham Cathedral becomes so crowded on Advent Sunday that the processions and carols have to be performed twice to accommodate all who wish to come.
Yesterday was Advent Sunday, which marks the start of the preparation for Christmas in the church calendar.