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Synonyms for civilization

Synonyms for civilization

the total product of human creativity and intellect

enlightenment and excellent taste resulting from intellectual development

Synonyms for civilization

a society in an advanced state of social development (e.g., with complex legal and political and religious organizations)

the social process whereby societies achieve an advanced stage of development and organization


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the quality of excellence in thought and manners and taste

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The Government leader also emphasised the Party s strategic vision and revolutionary outlook of building an advanced culture with national identity in the renewal process and its high valuation to the role and mission of culture in socio-economic and political development.
In his other short book, On Truth, Harry Frankfurt notes that establishing and sustaining an advanced culture is impossible if we are debilitated by error or ignorance.
I think there is a bit of a miscommunication; it is an advanced culture, it is not behind.
Think of the legend of Atlantis (popularised by the TV series Stargate: Atlantis,) where the City had been (allegedly) created by a highly advanced culture of people called The Ancients.
The Three Represents, coined by former President Jiang Zemin--advanced productive forces, advanced culture and the people's interests.
In The Magic Mountain, Hans Castorp sees the "heart of darkness in Hellenism," the sacrificial death that exists within advanced culture (227).
On the contrary, the coast imported basic motifs from the interior: Pagan was responsible for developing a writing system, an advanced culture and a political 'infrastructure' in the sparsely settled frontier of Lower Burma, and it was only through these interventions that Lower Burma, with the weakening of Pagan in the late 1200s, became able to develop an independent polity for the first rime.
Moreover, they accept frivolous claims of an advanced culture when the facts speak about a primitive war-like people who conquered and parasitically lived off the development of their victims.
Vietnam, an ancient and highly advanced culture in Southeast Asia, is at the beginning of this particular path, importing consultants from the United States to help set up family medicine training programs and to imbed behavioral medicine within those programs.
But Dr Robert Johnston of Bangor University says that in North Wales the pattern of dwellings was determined by the size of extended families and a more advanced culture.
One's a highly intelligent being, from an advanced culture with a strong family and moral code.
According to the theory, the party should represent the needs of ''advanced forces of production'' such as private and high-tech firms, advanced culture, and the ''fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people.
Tadashi Nishitani, East Asia archeology professor at the graduate school of Kyushu University, examined the objects and speculated that those in power in the Izumo region of western Japan at that time imported articles from areas of advanced culture to give themselves authority.
The company has expertise in advanced culture, purification and process validation technologies.
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