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declining years


Synonyms for old age

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The calmness of advanced age gives a solemnity to his manner.
I thought I would never get back to the steamer, and imagined myself living alone and unarmed in the woods to an advanced age.
Because of the advanced age of Raya and her unstable health and the lack of suitable conditions for the birth and raising of small lions in Razgrad, she will be brought to the zoo in Sofia, taking care of her will be done by "Four Paws".
As is well known, advanced age is one of the key risk factors for heart disease, but it can be partially mitigated by following a healthy lifestyle.
The researchers also found that nine of the 12 studies involved identified specific factors that are associated with increased MDR-GNB colonization risk, including advanced age, gender, co-morbid chronic diseases, history of recurrent hospitalization, increased interaction with healthcare workers, frequent antimicrobial exposure, delayed initiation of effective antibiotic therapy, presence of medical devices, decreased functional status, advanced dementia, fecal incontinence, non-ambulatory status, severe sepsis present on admission, and residency in a long-term care facility.
LiLACS NZ, the worlds first longitudinal study of an indigenous population in advanced age, has produced a series of reports about M?
Even at my advanced age I still don't consider myself to be grown up and wouldn't want to be.
Senator Enrile's advanced age and current state of health require certain medical procedures and facilities to ensure his continued wellbeing," a draft of the resolution read in part.
The Australian actress is extremely optimistic as she claims to be hoping against the hope of getting pregnant at such an advanced age of 47.
I think this is a good PA job they are doing even at their advanced age, the younger Royals are re-inventing themselves and becoming more involved with outside life and are not so insulated as many Royals were in the past.
After having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.
But I wonder, what about the Korean vets who at an advanced age are now seemingly forgotten?
Advanced age, female gender, low Advanced age, female gender, low socioeconomic status, limited functional status (decreased ability to perform tasks associated with activities of daily living), and the presence of dementia are among the most frequently reported reasons that lead older persons to be admitted to a nursing home (Branch, 2000; Department of Nursing Home Services, 2011; Kao, Travis & Acton, 2004).
Women at high risk of fracture include those who have had an osteoporotic fracture, advanced age, tobacco use, consuming more than two alcoholic drinks per day, long-term steroid use, family history of fracture, or who are unable to take other available osteoporosis therapies.
Lower body disability, advanced age, and obesity were consistent predictors of the number used.
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