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declining years


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Synonyms for old age

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The calmness of advanced age gives a solemnity to his manner.
I thought I would never get back to the steamer, and imagined myself living alone and unarmed in the woods to an advanced age. Such silly things--you know.
In a letter dated May 29, 2017, Marcos cited Sanchez's 'advanced age and failing health' as among the reasons for him to be released from prison.
Even at his advanced age, he still came to the office to conduct research and prepare press statements,' he told reporters when met here yesterday.
The advanced age is by no means a major cause of road accidents, Radkov said.
It is no surprise, as he has clung onto the leadership of Cotu for years despite his advanced age. Former US President Barrack Obama is enjoying his retirement outside the White House despite being 'young' when he left the office.
Recent reports demonstrated the important relationship between demographic variations and the biology and prognosis of urinary bladder cancer.5,6 Although men are more likely to develop the disease, female gender is associated with more advanced disease and thus more mortality-to-incidence ratio.5 Multiple factors such as the differences in exposure to carcinogens and the cellular responses that they induce may explain the variations in disease behaviour between the genders.7 The role of steroid hormones and their receptors is a suggested explanation for these differences, but these mechanisms remain unclear and further investigations are required.8 Advanced age is well known to be a major independent risk factor for developing this malignant tumour.
Similarly, the OR for the advanced-age category was 5.55, indicating that an individual of advanced age is 5.55 times more likely to have fractures reported than one of middle age (Table 3).
On average, the patients were 78 years old when they received their first benzodiazepine prescription--an advanced age for use of the drugs, which national guidelines say should rarely, if ever, be given to adults over about age 65.
Advanced age does not exempt an offender from punishment, the court stressed, adding that Duran committed the crime when he was 45 years old.
"If a claimant of advanced age has completed high school, lacks transferable skills, and has a residual functional capacity for light work, the Medical-Vocational Rules direct a conclusion of disabled.
The researchers further estimated that 13 percent of premature births were attributable to fathers of more advanced age.
The rumors of my advanced age that appeared in the "Let's Talk Rusty Iron" column in the August 2018 issue of Farm Collector are somewhat exaggerated.
Eighty-two-year-old Baquer Namazi has been on medical furlough for some time "for being sick and in advanced age," his lawyer, Mehrdad Qorbani, told the New York-based Center For Human Rights In Iran (CHRI).
They found that urban dwelling, physical inactivity, advanced age, and an unhealthy diet are important risk factors for diabetes among Nigerians, recommending a national diabetes care and prevention policy.
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