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Synonyms for nursing

the work of caring for the sick or injured or infirm

the profession of a nurse

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nourishing at the breast

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They are not caught in tradition and they have learned how to move beyond the weights and obstacles to 'make' advanced practice nursing.
The orientation includes strategies to support systems entry such as help setting up their practice, introductions to key colleagues, and demonstration of commitment to policies and practices that support advanced practice nursing. These orientation enhancements are crucial for role development.
And how can we build on the strengths that serve as the professional practice and organizational structure components of advanced practice nursing?
This specialty practitioner is one of several advanced practice nursing (APN) career choices in nursing programs today.
Advanced Practice Nursing: Core Concepts for Professional Role Development, 5th Edition
The survey is anonymous and the data is invaluable as WNA works to protect, promote, and expand the practice of advanced practice nursing.
Integrating gerontological content into advanced practice nursing education.
As a long term goal for her career, she intends to promote the nursing profession in general and advanced practice nursing specifically through clinical practice, educating nursing students, and activity in professional associations.
I encourage you to join/renew your commitment to Nursing and Advanced Practice Nursing by maintaining your Nevada Nurses Association membership and volunteering to help form the practice of nursing and advanced practice nursing in the state of Nevada.
The Advanced Practice Nursing Advisory Committee (APNAC) met on February 17, 2010 in Austin.
Advanced practice nursing; an integrative approach, 4th ed.
Although ONS has taken no official position on the DNP, it recognizes that nurses have differing opinions about the degree and its impact on the nursing profession, especially with respect to advanced practice nursing roles.
The aim of this paper is to contribute to pertinent discussions regarding advanced practice nursing roles.
The authors successfully delineate the core concepts of advanced practice nursing and provide a thorough perspective with content that is broad, comprehensive, and practical.
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