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a registered nurse who has received special training and can perform many of the duties of a physician

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Overall, 28% of all specialty practices employed advanced practice clinicians in 2016--a 22% increase from 2008.
The CNL depends on these advanced practice clinicians to coordinate and execute the plan of care to improve patient outcomes.
Advanced practice clinicians and medical abortion: increasing access to care.
Emergency physicians, advanced practice clinicians, and nurses are in a prime position to identify victims of human trafficking.
Freedman also encourages advocacy groups to continue their efforts and suggests that non-physician providers such as advanced practice clinicians could be the key to increasing abortion access.
20083 Safe, legal abortion access--Urges state lawmakers to repeal or oppose state laws that in any way limit access to safe abortion services, including mandatory delays and information or counseling that is not science-based, bans on specific abortion procedures, parental consent or notification requirements, targeted regulation of abortion providers, and limits for advanced practice clinicians in providing abortion services.
PDR concise drug guide for advanced practice clinicians.
(9,25) After a thorough literature review, Bolderston concluded, "Educational standards have changed and degree qualification has leveled the playing field somewhat between therapists and their nurse and physician coworkers." (14) Clearly, additional postgraduate education, as documented by other advanced practice clinicians, is a requirement for advanced practice in radiation therapy.
6-9 "Advanced Practice Clinicians in Women's Healthcare," the 31st Annual Planned Parenthood Federation of America Women's Health Conference, in Valley Forge, PA, sponsored by Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions; visit
In the United States, nonphysician clinicians, including advanced practice clinicians, are playing increasingly important roles as providers of health care.
He leads the Illinois-based medical group of 2000 physicians and advanced practice clinicians practicing at 350 sites of care throughout Chicago and central Illinois.
Primary care physicians, advanced practice clinicians, dietitians, and others are needed on the team to engineer a successful lifestyle intervention for the obese patient.
Members volunteer to testify during General Assembly sessions in Annapolis, review and help rewrite bills that effect Advanced Practice Clinicians (APC) practice and, when needed, introduce legislation that improves and ensures the continuation of FPA for NPs.
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