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someone who practices a learned profession

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Becoming an advanced nurse practitioner means Derek works with both medical and nursing teams and the combination of skills mean he is especially popular with families at Rachel House.
1980--Rules for Advanced Nurse Practitioners Established and Contested; CNATS Accepted
"There are many areas where advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs) are currently contributing effectively to improving care for patients across Scotland.
A urology advanced nurse practitioner in radiology,she was nominated for her excellent rapportwith patients and her inspirational service development work.
Gilly Scott, who teaches MSc students as a Senior Lecturer and Advanced Nurse Practitioner, explained that the investment in the suite was designed to cater to the wide range of specialists who undertake the programme - and others like it.
It now houses the Blaenau Ffestiniog GP practice, managed by the Health Board, and includes an advanced nurse practitioner, a pharmacist and physiotherapy service as well as a dementia day service, palliative care, audiology clinic and learning disabilities service.
She pointed to the "derisory" increase of [euro]25million in primary care to support the GP contract and training, diagnostics, therapies, nursing, advanced nurse practitioner appointments and community nursing.
Skin cancer advanced nurse practitioner Joanne Upton said: "The Centre is leading the way in many novel cancer therapies and we are always looking for ways to improve our care.
Opening the show, advanced nurse practitioner Veronica Allinson, said: " Our models have taken to the catwalk like ducks to water.
Goolsby, a nurse practitioner, and Grubbs (nursing, Florida State U.) explain to advanced nurse practitioner students and new and experienced nurses how to perform assessments in primary care, interpret findings, and arrive at a differential diagnosis.
Joan Sandison and Rosaleen Williamson explained how they had undertaken a four-year BSc while working full time and secured approval for an advanced nurse practitioner role, which they now share.
I decided that we were this wonderful neutral body that's pulled together from everywhere that shouldn't have an axe to grind, that therefore we would go and get the documents going like the advanced nurse practitioner and the advanced education model.
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