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an Old Testament book telling Amos's prophecies

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Caption: The Patria AMOS (Advanced Mortar System) is a self-propelled mortar.
The Finnish-Swedish defence technology company Patria Hagglunds Oy, a joint venture of the Finnish group Patria and Sweden's Alvis Hagglunds, said on Wednesday (29 January) that it had sold a technology licence for its AMOS (Advanced Mortar System) to the US company AAI Corporation.
In 2007 Singapore Technologies obtained a first export order for its 120 millimetre smoothbore Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (Srams).
Arguably the world's most sophisticated 120 mm mortar is the Amos (Advanced Mortar System) developed by Patria Hagglunds, a joint venture company formed by Finland's Patria and BAE Systems Hagglunds to meet the needs of the defence forces of the two countries.
At the heart of the RG-31 4 x 4-based weapon system lies the Singapore Technologies Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (Srams), a fast-firing 120 mm mortar with automatic round loader.
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