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Peter (MN), $1,620,000 elect revenue advance refunding bonds, series 2006C (insured: XL Capital Assurance Inc.
Yield burning refers to the practice of artificially depressing yields on Treasury securities sold to state and local governments by inflating the sale prices of those securities, thus "burning" the yield on the portfolio of securities down to the yield required for an advance refunding escrow.
The Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) Revenue Procedure 96-41 delineates a closing agreement program for issuers to protect the tax-exempt status of advance refunding bond issues affected by escrow overpricing.
Like an advance refunding, a crossover refunding occurs when all or some of the bonds to be refunded are called more than 90 days from the date of issuance of the refunding bonds.
The article also focuses on the three components of an advance refunding transaction; the refunded bonds, the escrow account and the refunding bonds.
Proceeds will be used for district construction projects, advance refunding a portion of the district's outstanding COPs, and to pay costs of issuance.
The proceeds of the bonds will be used for the purpose of advance refunding the Battle Creek Downtown Development Authority 1997 development refunding bonds (the 'Prior Bonds').
Since the 2004A pool program bonds are advance refunding portions of the 1999A and 2002A bonds issued under the separate MWRA program, the concentration of the MWRA in the pool program will increase to just over 15%.
27,255,000 Hospital Facility Authority of Hillsboro, Oregon, hospital revenue and advance refunding bonds, series 1993;
8 million Hospital Facility Authority of Hillsboro, Oregon hospital revenue and advance refunding bonds, series 1993.
JAA is also entering into a forward swap commitment in July 2003 to establish a synthetic advance refunding, currently estimated at $40,240,000 of the series 2000A bonds (AMT), to be executed Oct.
9 million second lien 1990 series 1 (rated 'A-/F2' by Fitch based on a letter of credit with Commerzbank AG) and $100 million second lien 2000 series 1 (rated 'AAA/F1+' based on FGIC whose insurer financial strength is rated 'AAA', and liquidity provided by Dexia Credit Local), and junior to $2,551 million senior lien bonds (rated 'AA-') outstanding upon completion of this advance refunding of $379.
Both bond issues are for current and advance refunding purposes and will not alter present debt ratios.
The series 2002C bonds are being issued to finance the advance refunding of a portion of the $105,400,000 outstanding principal amount of the City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina's water and sewer revenue and revenue refunding bonds, series 2001.
The ability to issue refunding bonds for savings under the trust agreement has enabled this advance refunding even though one of the ACT's was not satisfied.