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a document written by someone still legally capable requesting that he should be allowed to die if subsequently severely disabled or suffering terminal illness

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the operative language in advance health care directives is comprised of
So the physician will usually do what he or she deems best (or believes will least expose the physician to legal liability) unless the patient's agent is steadily insistent on some other "credible" course of action that evidently is supported by the language of the advance health care directive.
The Pennsylvania DOC adopted a policy honoring inmate advance health care directives.
In the wake of the Cruzan decision, many are advocating widespread discussions of advance health care directives by physicians with their patients.
The document, "California Advance Health Care Directive," may be downloaded for free in PDF format and printed for personal use.
The study also points out the need to educate seniors about the importance of having an Advance Health Care Directive and Durable Powers of Attorney.
In 1991 the Federal Patient Self-Determination Act formally required hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, hospice providers, health maintenance organizations and other health care institutions to check for and provide information about advance health care directives to adult patients upon their admission to the facility.
This textbook focuses on probate and estate planning and administration in California and various types of documents a paralegal might draft in a probate and estate planning practice, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advance health care directives.
When advance health care directives ("living wills") were popularized, the guiding principle was to allow patients to choose to "die with dignity:' but one man's dignity is another man's poison, cautions anesthesiologist Marilyn M.
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