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a document written by someone still legally capable requesting that he should be allowed to die if subsequently severely disabled or suffering terminal illness

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The real-world uptake of PADs has been limited, despite the impetus of the PSDA, PAD legislation in 25 states, and the fact that all states allow advance statements for mental health in their health care decisions laws.
Provisions to allow patients to make an advance statement to record their treatment preferences in the event that they become unwell and require compulsory treatment; and to nominate a person to support them during compulsory treatment.
Seidenberg answered questions during a session today at the Council on Foreign Relations here, and in an advance statement he observed that "the center of gravity when it comes to innovation has shifted decisively to the U.
In an advance statement D'Apolito said, "There's been increasing interest in our company's plans for expansion and company enhancements.
Individual chapters within Part 2 investigate controlling symptoms and prolonging life (Chapter 5), resuscitation and advance statements (Chapter 6), assessment and treatment of psychosocial and spiritual problems (Chapter 7), and resource allocation (Chapter 8).