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a document written by someone still legally capable requesting that he should be allowed to die if subsequently severely disabled or suffering terminal illness

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"An advance statement can help a clinician to retain an element of that joint approach at what is a very difficult time for the patient."
An early study using AD-Maker found that a majority of randomly selected people with SMI were able to complete a psychiatric advance statement within 80 minutes and that the computer program, which used drop-down menus for choices, was an effective way to complete the statement, even for those with little or no prior computer experience (Sherman, 1998).
"Furthermore, health boards and local authorities should jointly promote the use and benefits of using advance statements or advance directives, where appropriate, to help clarify the role of a carer when a person become unwell.
Contrasted are different approaches of advance statements, advocacy, best interest practice, and risk management, as well as reconciling human rights of the mentally ill with law regarding mental incapacity.
Individual chapters within Part 2 investigate controlling symptoms and prolonging life (Chapter 5), resuscitation and advance statements (Chapter 6), assessment and treatment of psychosocial and spiritual problems (Chapter 7), and resource allocation (Chapter 8).
The House of Lords Select Committee on medical ethics has concluded that 'it could well be impossible to give advance statements in general greater legal force without depriving patients of the doctor's professional expertise and of new treatments and procedures which may become available since the directive was signed.'