Still's disease

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Synonyms for Still's disease

a form of rheumatoid arthritis that affects children

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Keywords: Adult Onset Still's disease, Autoimmune Haemolytic anaemia, AOSD, Yamaguchi criteria, Methylprednisolone, Pakistan.
Adult Onset Still's Disease (AOSD)-A Case Report Bahrain Medical Bulletin 2002; 24:3-6.
The term Adult Onset Still's Disease (AOSD) was introduced by Bywaters in 1971 as occurrence of seronegative polyarthritis, rash, fever and raised ESR in females in their 3rd decade of life.
Adult onset Still's disease (AOSD) is a systemic inflammatory disease with unknown etiology resembling the systemic form of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
Adult onset Still's disease following influenza vaccination.
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