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the ability to read and write

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For further results from ALL, see Learning a Living: First Results of the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey (Statistics Canada and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 2005).
Maiya Voltaire was particularly successful as she picked up a nationally recognised Level One certificate in adult literacy.
The National Assessment of Adult Literacy is considered the best measure of how adults handle everything from completing job applications to computing tips.
A second way that public libraries can address the health literacy crisis in the United States is through continuing adult literacy programs.
Adult Literacy in the United States: A Compendium of Quantitative Data and Interpretive Comments.
Oregon's arrangement for adult literacy has allowed the program to tap into the expertise of two-year institutions--as well as facilities and resources such as technology--while simplifying management and accountability.
Bankruptcy Court Judge Karen Jennemann volunteers with the Adult Literacy League in Orlando.
Recommendations are based on research that included examination of published work and interviews with experts in the fields of education, neuroscience, psychology, gerontology, communications technology, adult literacy, and marketing.
And Tara Consultancy Services (one of Tata's major companies) has developed an adult literacy education system that claims to teach 60-year-olds to read a newspaper within three weeks.
This project will include: an adult literacy program for parents; literacy, pre-literacy and developmentally appropriate activities for children; formal and informal opportunities for adult-child interaction; and sharing of information between parents and their children using a variety of oral and written text formats in both first and second languages.
The National Adult Literacy Survey (NALS) and International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) used three separate literacy scales to describe reading, writing, and information-getting and processing tasks (Sum et al.
When San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Deborah Pardes visited an adult literacy program at her local library in 1999, she bumped head-on into a startling statistic: 44 million American adults read and write at or below the fifth-grade level.
The report analyzes data from the International Adult Literacy Survey (1994-1998), a 23-nation assessment of proficiency in reading prose, handling quantitative material, and working with documents such as application forms.
No doubt when Delpit, a MacArthur Fellow and best-selling education author, and Dowdy, the assistant director at the Center of Study of Adult Literacy and assistant professor at Georgia State University, decided to put together a collection of essays assaulting the many myths surrounding language and its relationship to identity, learning and cultural mobility, they understood the critical firestorm that would greet their book.
East Texas Literacy Council, Longview, Texas; Lake County Library Adult Literacy Program, Lakeport, Calif.
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