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the ability to read and write

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Initially, the facility adult literacy is available for the university's employees here at the main campus.
Initially, the facility of adult literacy is available for the university's employees at the main campus.
Initially, the facility of adult literacy will only be available for the University's employees at the Main Campus.
It is an opportunity to catch them in one place to give them this adult literacy program to help them in their future career.
Actually, there's a need for greater investment in adult literacy.
The 20th century approach to addressing adult literacy and numeracy is to focus on the school system, in the belief that a strong school based foundation will set young people up for a lifetime of literacy and numeracy and that second chance or catch up education will be all that is necessary for the handful of adults who miss out on the basics in school.
The programs were based on an 'integrated' concept of adult literacy (e.
National Adult Literacy Agency director Inez Bailey said: "It is a triumph against difficult circumstances to encourage so many adults back into basic education after they have had bad experiences of school.
National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) NCHD, an autonomous commission was established in 2002 at central level to boast the literacy rate in the country through Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Adult literacy programs.
The Results: After taking into account factors such as social background, housing conditions, and early literacy environment, the risk of poor adult literacy skills was correlated to the person's language development at age five.
The constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria (FRN, 1999) included in section 18 on Education Objectives, the provision of free adult literacy programmes.
ADULT literacy teachers from across the world came together to share ideas at an annual conference held in Wales for the first time.
Estimates were developed using statistical models that related estimated percentages of adults lacking basic literacy skills in counties sampled for the 1992 National Adult Literacy Survey and the 2003 National Assessment of Adult Literacy to county characteristics, such as levels of educational attainment.
But now she is becoming something of an avid reader thanks to an adult literacy programme.
China, South Asia and Africa were among the areas with lowest adult literacy levels, the report said.
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