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a course (via lectures or correspondence) for adults who are not otherwise engaged in formal study

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Instead of being based at Horton House in Halifax and Brighouse Adult Learning Centre, it will be based on the first floor at Heath on Free School Lane, Halifax, with some classes at Brighouse Library.
We want to convince them they too can benefit if they take the plunge and look to positively change their lives through some form of adult learning.
This is an open tender to create a 4-year Framework of a pool of pre-qualified providers who have generic technical and financial capability to provide Adult Learning services in Lambeth.
The National Organisation for Adult Learning singled the men out for extra praise as part of its annual Sign Up Now campaign to promote adult learning.
More than 56,000 students in 18 states and two Canadian provinces are enrolled at its 26 undergraduate campuses and 37 adult learning centers, including DeVry University Online.
Caroline Miller, head of adult learning for Newcastle City Council, said: "An adult learning course can help you catch up on skills not learned at school, to learn new skills for work or to improve your job prospects, or it could just be for a bit of fun.
Vice-principal Linda Moore said: "We feel very strongly that colleges should receive the same funding as schools and that adult learning should be protected.
Northumberland County Council's Adult Learning Service is offering a wide variety of courses from vocational and academic qualifications to learning new hobbies or skills.
For information about adult learning in Durham call 03000 266 115.
Today we are told that adult learning - crucial in the economic well-being of South Wales - is in for more funding cuts.
ISLAMABAD -- A three Master trainers team has trained thirteen trainers from seven power distribution companies in modern training methods regarding adult learning and safety.
Yadav came to this country to become a better doctor, and the door to his medical residency turned out to be through the Worcester public schools' Adult Learning Center.
THE Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry has expanded its adult learning courses.
NOMINATIONS are now open for Wales' biggest adult learning award ceremony.
Lifelong learning in later life; a handbook on older adult learning.
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