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comedy that uses black humor

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Mark Rattray, aged 50, who retired from showbiz to become a paramedic, is to performin four-man adult comedy show Bouncers for the charity Young at Heart.
This Is 40 15, 133 mins Adult comedy filmmaker Judd Apatow has spent much of his career producing hits like Anchorman, Pineapple Express, Superbad, Walk Hard, Bridesmaids and The Five-Year Engagement.
The adult comedy has already seen producer Ekta Kapoor lock horns with India's censor authorities after it demanded some scenes be edited.
Since then there hasn't been a decade when Tarby hasn't been on our TV screens, either hosting variety or game shows and on tour making live audiences laugh with what he describes as comedy for grown ups, not adult comedy, and it is certainly a winning formula.
I can't watch an adult comedy with my baby who wouldn't understand it but I am allowed to watch any action or thriller where sound effects might scare him, as long as it's PG.
But the product of their warped minds does at least make for some genuine adult comedy gold.
They realised that if they put adult comedy on a Friday night they had big audiences because of everyone coming back from the pub.
Their performances were so sophisticated I thought it would be interesting to see them try more complex, adult comedy scripts and characters and sure enough they loved it and nailed it.
It's an adult comedy show broadcast after the watershed, but the cast of School of Comedy are barely old enough to drink.
Slipping from top spot to fourth was "Bruno," the raunchy adult comedy "mockumentary" starring Sacha Baron Cohen as a gay Austrian fashionista, which drew 8.
And now they've teamed up with hip film-makers the Coen brothers for this thoroughly adult comedy.
But the lads have refused to be beaten and are instead launching a new series of adult comedy sketches called The Boro Men - Middlesbrough's equivalent of the Mr Men.
At the start, I was unsure whether mixing my contacts from the world of adult comedy with stuff I'd written for children would work.
That phrase has been lifted from an adult comedy sketch show which was broadcast late at night on TV when most youngsters were in bed.
Irish adult comedy is making its way back to Newcastle in the shape of the unstoppable Mrs Brown, as Showbusiness Reporter Gordon Barr discovers
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