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Drink menus are shrinking : Adult beverage items on leading restaurant menus are declining (-2.
Easily determining your awareness level is critical to good selling and being a responsible steward of the adult beverage business.
CHICAGO -- Where you live may have an impact on your preferences when it comes to purchasing adult beverages away from home.
The report identifies key areas of opportunity for adult beverage professionals and industry stakeholders to leverage for business and category growth, including:
Our numbers indicate that over half of the adult population hasn't had an adult beverage away from home in the past month.
In many ways, Millennials are ideal adult beverage consumers," observes Donna Hood Crecca, senior director at Technomic.
To help operators and suppliers better understand and assess these opportunities and trends, Technomic has developed the 2006 Adult Beverage Report.
Additional information about the wine industry is also available on DRINK(Digital Resource INformation Knowledgebase), Technomic's online resource featuring spirits, wine and beer volume and sales information, category analysis, New Product Tracker, on-premise channel intelligence, and additional tools and insights for adult beverage professionals.
The Adult Beverage Insights Group is an executive share group focusing solely on adult beverage in the on-premise channel.
The research also examines adult beverage occasions by venues and various consumer demographics, including age, ethnicity, and party composition.
In addition, Technomic's Trends in Adult Beverage (TAB) reports will dive deep into each category.
And don't expect to find Jim Colbert and NBC color man Johnny Miller sharing laughs over an adult beverage anytime soon.
The survey findings indicate that adult beverage suppliers have an important opportunity to leverage sales of their brands by working more closely with bartenders, providing more training and product knowledge, and shaping their brand preferences.
Technomic's forecasts C released via its now available BarTAB Report and its Adult Beverage Insights Group C call for consumer expenditures on alcohol away from home to rise 2.
So, we must convert our managers to patrons of the art of beverage, if we're going to 'raise the bar' or increase adult beverage sales," Lee stressed.
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