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Those are three technologies that 10 years ago did not exist and now are changing the way we buy, sell and consume adult beverages. That change shows our industry is top notch in technology adoption, and that we have moved past the stone ages in how we face the consumer market.
According to its BeerTAB Report, beer is the top adult beverage choice for Hispanic consumers, who drink more imported beer than any other group (34 percent vs.
It's summertime, and the living is easy -- especially when it involves adult beverages with a warm-weather twist.
The importance of refreshment is underscored by Stephanie Gallo, VP of marketing for Modesto, Calif.-based E&J Gallo Winery's Popular Business Unit, who notes that consumers are seeking refreshment across the adult beverage category: "While traditional summer beverages such as beer remain stable, we believe consumers are seeking new beverages that deliver on 'refreshing.'"
Kellar says the non-resealable Tetra Prisma is intended to compete with cans for the adult beverage segment, To that end, the package fits in the same drink holder space as a can and offers the same portability--with the added virtue that the Tetra Prisma will bend before it punctures.
In this role she has been laser focused on growing Walmart's adult beverage sales and market share by delivering great price, increasing display space in stores, and improving the assortment including localizing the assortment for each market.
The premier awards program for outstanding adult beverage initiatives, the Cheers Beverage Excellence Awards will be presented amid much fanfare at the Cheers Beverage Conference, held January 25-26, 2010 in Miami, Fla.
of White Plains, NY, has announced plans to form a new joint venture, the Adult Beverage Co., to market and sell Adult Chocolate Milk.
According to Phusion, the brand has become "the best selling progressive adult beverage in the convenience store channel." Bottles of Four Loko are being shipped to select markets now, and will be rolled out to all Phusion Projects' markets over the next several weeks.
The "timely manner" is of particular importance at Anton Airfood, which operates 60 adult beverage concepts located at airports across the country.
Research conducted by Technomic's Adult Beverage Insights Group, an on-premise consumer goods researcher, shows that when adults are away from home, they are much more likely to order mixed drinks than any other type of alcoholic beverage.
"So, we must convert our managers to patrons of the art of beverage, if we're going to 'raise the bar' or increase adult beverage sales," Lee stressed.
Conference highlights will also include tasting opportunities, new marketing ideas, research on adult beverage consumers, more networking opportunities, and the Cheers Awards for Beverage Excellence.
Americans continue to consume more beer than any other adult beverage, according to the publisher.
Conference Highlights will also include tasting opportunities, new marketing ideas, original research on adult beverage consumers, chain operator panels, more networking opportunities, and the Cheers Awards for Beverage Excellence.
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