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the development of nerve tissues

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According to the researchers, recent studies suggest adult neurogenesis in the brain's subventricular zone (SVZ), which lines the ventricles (cavities) of the brain that contain cerebrospinal fluid, plays a role in reproductive function and possibly in maternal behaviors, although the function of "SVZ neurogenesis is obscure.
Adult neurogenesis and neural stem cells of the central nervous system in mammals.
Mechanisms and functional implications of adult neurogenesis.
This article addresses two principal questions concerning the connection between alcohol and adult neurogenesis.
Blocking adult neurogenesis had no effect on social behavior, suggesting that brain cells generated during adolescence make a very different contribution to brain function and behavior in adulthood, note the scientists.
of Singapore, Singapore) reviews recent developments in stem cell research and regenerative medicine, emphasizing adult neurogenesis and neural stem cell research and therapy.
professor of neuroscience and psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center, said, "Current anti-depression therapies were developed before recent advances in the scientific understanding of adult neurogenesis.
When I was in graduate school in the 1980s, we weren't taught about adult neurogenesis at all," says Gould, explaining that researchers had long known that the process existed in youngsters.
Gage (Salk Institute for Biological Studies, US), Kempermann (Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden, Germany), and Song (Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, US) present 30 chapters providing an overview of recent research into this process of adult neurogenesis.
have long-lasting implications in the field of adult neurogenesis, the
A recent discovery by New Zealand and Swedish neuroscientists has revealed the pathway adult neural stem cells travel along to repair the human brain, confirming adult neurogenesis.
This collection of recent research by contributors from around the world looks at factors in postpartum depression such as psychobiology and culture, and presents research on screening programs for postpartum depression, the effect of postpartum depression and childrearing style on child development, the use of a postpartum depression screening scale among low-income ethnic minority women, and steroid hormone contributions and adult neurogenesis in animal models of postpartum depression.
In a second poster, entitled "Quantification of Cholinergic Degradation and Adult Neurogenesis in TgCRND8 Mice Following Treatment with Scyllo-Inositol (ELND005)," Dr.
Bringing together leading researchers in the field of adult neurogenesis, the 30 chapters in this monograph provide a valuable overview of this emerging field and lay the groundwork for future studies.
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