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a disorder characterized by deposit of amyloid in organs or tissues

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There are some papers that get a fairly significant portion of their revenue from adult ads," he says.
He has served on ACA's Standards Committee since 2006, becoming chair of that committee in 2012, and also serves on the Restrictive Housing Standards Adult Ad Hoc Committee.
A total of 524 non-professional adult AD caregivers, including those of mild, moderate and severe AD patients, were surveyed.
com/doc/86506740/Nineteen-U-S-Senators-Sign-Letter-to-Village-Voice-Against-Backpage , state and city lawmakers around the country, over a dozen prominent musicians, nearly a quarter of a million citizens, and others have called on Village Voice Media to exit the adult ad business.
Largest adult ad network hits first major milestone, while experiencing unprecedented growth since launching in June.
It's the first time an adult ad has been allowed to run both before midnight and across a national network.
The researchers noted that only 1 percent of the adult ads included a giveaway.