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the accumulation of molecules of a gas to form a thin film on the surface of a solid

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Stages of absorbtion: Adsorbtion, absorbtion (penetration, permeation, resorbtion).
The chelation of calcium ions by the negatively charged silanol groups precedes the formation of a cluster due to the subsequent adsorbtion of phosphates, hydroxyl, carbonates and calcium ions from SBF [7, 12, 22].
At the same time the 1,8-cineole and borneol (a stereoisomer of isoborneol) did not inhibit the glycosylation but completely inhibited viral replication, without affecting viral adsorbtion (Armaka et al.
7, 25, 26) reported a series of electrochemical arrays generated by covalent binding or physical adsorbtion of analytes on iridium oxide electrodes to recognize alkaline phosphatase-labeled antibodies.
Nuvera's proprietary technology in compact steam reforming systems is the core of the PTG-50, which, utilizing pressure swing adsorbtion (PSA) technology, provides hydrogen at a minimum purity of 99.