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Synonyms for adsorbent

a material having capacity or tendency to adsorb another substance

having capacity or tendency to adsorb or cause to accumulate on a surface

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The Global Air Pollution Control market can be segmented into six Products segments: FGD, Electrostatic Precipitators, Fabric Filters, NOx Control, Scrubbers and Adsorbers, and Others.
Recent research produced a high-productivity, strong cation-exchange adsorber for protein capture by graft polymerization onto membranes of differing pore sizes.
El carbon activado es un adsorbente universal que ha sido empleado para adsorber diferentes tipos de compuestos, pero debido a que puede tambien adsorber la humedad del ambiente, este se satura cuando la humedad relativa es alta y ya no puede adsorber mayor cantidad de algun otro compuesto (Tovar y Valdivia, 1999; NOM-050-STPS-1993).
At the beginning of the third step, the adsorber is disconnected from the condenser.
flow]) for the refrigerant to flow through the valve is given to determine the time for pressure relaxation when the adsorber switches phases.
Two identical adsorbers were constructed, each adsorber consisting of two adsorbent beds Each adsorbent bed was packed with approximately 1.
ScenTotes' Hard Tote is a 20-gallon airtight container that includes an Activated Carbon-Web Adsorber mounted to the lid, as well as a Carbon-Web Adsorber Pocket, designed to de-scent and store smaller items.
x] adsorber technology to Cummins for engines equipped in the Dodge Ram pickup truck.
In addition to a scent-proof zipper, the bag uses an activated Carbon Web Adsorber, which keeps the enclosed activated carbon suspended in a free air circulation format.
Experiments have been conducted in a fixed bed adsorber configuration in which the bed is a mixture of both Sn[O.
The new 2007 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty engine uses a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to virtually eliminate particulate matter emissions and an adsorber catalyst to reduce oxides of nitrogen (NOx) by as much as 90 percent.
Cummins will utilize next-generation aftertreatment research and technology on its ISL 9-liter engine for the project to verify the emissions reduction capability of a system incorporating both a diesel particulate filter and a NOx adsorber.
A NOx adsorber and a PM-Filter-Catalyst used in series are able to reduce pollutants effectively.
According to the EPA, improving the durability of the NOx adsorber, especially as it relates to desulfation, remains a fundamental hurdle to commercial NOx trap deployment.
This media-based adsorber is designed for the control of airborne gaseous contaminants.