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NCN will use the software to allow national advertisers to buy ads on multiple sites in its network of 69 papers--and get one-order, one-bill service--while giving affiliates the chance to sell local ad space and to use NetGravity AdServer to manage local Web ads.
• Admixer.Creatives (Adserver for Advertisers and Creatives Management Platform)
Bangalore, India, November 19, 2017 --( The most recent launch in the plugin line up, the Smartphone Anchored ads plugin for Revive adserver tends to cater the needs of advertisers who wish to be a bit brief with regards to the content in their creative ads.
Bangalore, India, November 19, 2017 --( With the launch of the Mobile interstitial with full page flex ads plugin for Revive Adserver, the requirements of advertisers who plan on delivering ads with details with regards to the brief in their mobile advertisements is met.
This plugin is also supported for the latest version of Revive Adserver.
Bangalore, India, November 17, 2017 --( The very recent launch in the line-up of plugins; the "Tablet full screen ads" plugin for Revive adserver makes sure the advertisers' needs are met by providing them the option of displaying a brief information with regards to content on the creative advertisements.
The Salesforce-powered solution streamlines cross-channel ad sales with effortless ad server integration across the likes of Doubleclick DFP, One by AOL, AppNexus, Smart AdServer and SSPs like DoubleClick Ad Exchange, AppNexus, Rubicon Project, Yieldlab or Adform.
As a publisher you can achieve this by purchasing and integrating the VAST mediation plugin for Revive Adserver.
Bangalore, India, December 19, 2015 --( Revive Adserver Mod, a prime plugin provider for revive adserver had introduced the video ad serving platform called VAST video plugin.
Bangalore, India, December 10, 2015 --( Revive Adserver Mod, a prime provider of ad serving solutions had launched the third party ad exchange platform called axonix integration plugin for revive adserver.