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NEW YORK -- Online ad server Smart AdServer and mobile Web technology pioneer dotMobi today announced that DeviceAtlas has been named as the official device detection solution for the Smart AdServer platform.
As an innovative developer of SharePoint extension packages, SusQtech offers solutions that address both practical and emerging business requirements, including SP Community for online communities and social media, SP AdServer for online banner ad campaign management, and SP URL Manager designed to create vanity URLs in SharePoint.
SP URL Manager and SP AdServer are the first in a series of web content management add-ons for SharePoint that SusQtech has planned.
com)-- Revive Adserver Mod, a prime plugin provider for revive adserver had introduced the video ad serving platform called VAST video plugin.
As a partner in the Open Insights initiative with PointRoll, InsightExpress will be uniquely positioned to offer its clients a universal tag which is integrated with PointRoll's adserver and captures SiteID, CreativeID, and PlacementID.
com)-- Revive Adserver Mod, a prime provider of ad serving solutions had launched the third party ad exchange platform called axonix integration plugin for revive adserver.
RedShift conceives and develops new generation mobile marketing solutions : Design and development of advanced mobile sites and applications, Monetization of the audience through its Mobile AdServer, Traffic analysis and performance measurement, Mobile web services promotion via cross-media communication tools, Media planning (search and display), SEO (natural search) and Mobile Ticketing services.
com)-- Revive Adserver Mod, a leading provider of ad serving solutions launches its third party ad exchange platform called Smaato integration plugin for revive ad server.
acquired by Google) managing the company's flagship product AdServer.
com)-- dJAX adserver technology solutions, a key provider of ad serving solutions has launched an independent ad serving platform called native ads to serve content matching ads in websites, blogs, news feeds and social networking sites.
Mediaplex Celebrates 10 Years Delivering Innovative Technology Solutions for Managing Successful Online Marketing Programs Through the MOJO Adserver Platform
com)-- dJAX Adserver Technology Solutions, a leading adserver solution provider launches its Premium Display Adserver software, which is built especially for Ad Agencies, Publishers and Ad Networks.
7 player with the integrated Atlas AdServer gives us full TV like control of commercials, on our main site and any of our embedded channels.
com)-- dJAX Enterprise Adserver is a unique, integrated package of necessary and sophisticated ad serving solutions that are needed for successful digital ad campaigns on web pages, mobile screens and online videos.
iFlipit(TM) is easily embedded into any creative execution and works on any AdServer or site.