Adriatic Sea

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an arm of the Mediterranean between Slovenia and Croatia and Montenegro and Albania on the east and Italy on the west

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The northern Adriatic Sea, the subject of the present study, is characterized by winter temperatures of around 10.5[degrees]C, and salinity of around 37.3 PSU (Artegiani et al.
Construction of nearly 74.6 percent of the 878 km pipeline has been completed, of which 550 kilometers will pass through the northern part of Greece, 215 kilometers - Albania, 105 kilometers - the Adriatic Sea and 8 kilometers - Italy.
The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina today adopted the mid-term water management plans for the waters of the Sava and the Adriatic Sea basins in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina until 2021, and will submit them to the Council of Ministers of BiH for further procedure and adoption at the state level.
The OPT PowerBuoy will be deployed in the Adriatic Sea to advance Eni's Clean Sea technology for marine environmental monitoring and offshore asset inspection using autonomous underwater vehicles.
Medieval historians and archaeologists from the eastern Mediterranean explore the northern Adriatic Sea from the eighth to the eleventh centuries, concentrating not only on Venice, but also on the new settlements that were springing up all along the coast apparently out of nothing.
All summer long in the port town of Molfetta, patrons clad in bikinis and surf shorts party at Bloom Beach Bar, positioned on an enviable plot of land overlooking the Adriatic Sea. For its newly opened sister outpost, Bloom in Town, architect and designer Serena Rosato aimed to re-create the festive mood of the original, just a short ride away.
The European Union will finance the construction of the Corridor 8 railway line, which should connect the Black Sea with the Adriatic Sea and pass through the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.
KUWAIT, April 25 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Chief of General Staff of the Army Lieutenant General Mohammed Al-Khader left to Croatia on Tuesday to attend the Adriatic Sea Defense and Aerospace (ASDA) International defense Exhibition and Conference, due 26-28 April.
The pipeline will connect with the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP) at the Turkish-Greek border at Kipoi, cross Greece and Albania and the Adriatic Sea, before coming ashore in Southern Italy.
Montenegro is a very important strategic location on the Adriatic Sea, in addition to Croatia and Albania that are both are NATO countries.
Save 10% on a five-night stay in Dubrovnik's Old Town at the majestic Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik, overlooking the terracotta skyline and glistening Adriatic Sea.
Athens/Rome, Rabi'I 7, 1436, Dec 29, 2014, SPA -- The death toll from a stricken ferry in the Adriatic Sea rose to five on Monday as Italy said all passengers had been evacuated from the vessel, marking the end of a rescue operation hampered by bad weather.
A deadly fire broke out on an Italian ferry off the coast of Greece at about 4am local time on Sunday, killing seven people and kicking off a dangerous joint rescue operation on the choppy Adriatic Sea. More than 400 people were eventually removed from the ship, despite rough seas and high winds.