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a city in northwestern Turkey

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On 16 October, he left to visit Adrianople to view the refugees.
The Treaty of Adrianople in 1829 stipulated a single opportunity for the Russians to intrude on the territory of the Romanian Principalities, in case their rights were violated by the Turkish.
Unfortunately, a generation later the unskilled and insecure Valens undid this good work, antagonising the now resettled and well-trained Tervingi and losing disastrously at Adrianople in 378.
Specifically, the authors repeat this lackluster approach in their discussions of several other battles including Gaugamela, Adrianople, Yarmuk, Midway, Kursk, and the least convincing selection in this book--the battle to secure Objective Peach.
16 Which Roman emperor was killed and his troops routed by the Goths at the battle of Adrianople in 378AD?
In between, there are many battles readers will be quite familiar with (Vicksburg, Marne, Midway, Kursk, Normandy) and some that are not so recognizable (Zama, Adrianople, Yarmuk, Annus Mirabilis).
Meanwhile, from 1806 to 1812, Russia fought the Ottoman Empire, but faced with threat of Napoleon's subsequent invasion, had to return territories occupied in western Georgia that same year under the Treaty of Bucharest; in 1829, after a war lasting a year and a half, under the Treaty of Adrianople (Edime), Russia annexed those aforementioned lands and possessed almost all of present-day Georgia.
Previously, he had experienced war only as a news correspondent for the French newspaper L'Intransigeant, first during the Italo-Turkish conflict in Libya in 1911, which he described in La battaglia di Tripoli (1912), (2) and then during the siege of Adrianople in 1912-1913, which would inspire his first words-in-freedom poem Zang Tumb Tumb (1914).
For instance, the writings of Hans Schiltberger who was later captured at Nicopolis, offer some details about the cities he visited such as Constantinople, Adrianople, and Bursa.
And so, on a summer day near the town of Adrianople, with legions of Germanic cavalry bearing down on him, the Emperor Valens finds himself in the middle of the actual "last big push" only to discover that there's nobody left.
Increasing importance of the Danube, following the provisions of the Peace of Adrianople, made the role of ports to increase rapidly.
Only when the East had ceased to be Christian, and a Mohammedan sultan ruled at Adrianople and Byzantium, did the civilization of Western Europe finally form for itself a new way of life and a new conception of the universe" (p.
In 1829, the Treaty of Adrianople was signed, ending war between Russia and the Ottoman Empire.