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a radioactive transuranic metallic element

a master's degree in arts and sciences

modulation of the amplitude of the (radio) carrier wave

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Distribution and characterization of immunoreactive rat adrenomedullin in tissue and plasma.
Effect of static handgrip on plasma adrenomedullin concentration in patients with heart failure and in healthy subjects.
Although the physiological role of EAT on vessels is not entirely clear, it has been shown that epicardial adipocyte through the secretion of adiponectin and adrenomedullin exerts anti-inflammatory, antiatherogenic, and even antidiabetic effects in coronary arteries [96, 97], participating in the regulation of the diameter on the vessel wall.
Adrenomedullin Epithelium Antibacterial, mitogenic, vasodilator, inducible peptide.
Malondialdehyde, nitric oxide and adrenomedullin levels in patients with primary dysmenorrhea.
2005) Adrenomedullin reduces Staphylococcus aureus alpha-toxin-induced rat ileum microcirculatory damage.
They identified adrenomedullin from more than 45,000 possible candidates as a melanocyte-activating factor, as it increased the number of dendrites.
Gut hyper permeability after ischemia and reperfusion: attenuation with adrenomedullin and its binding protein treatment.
Cathecolamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine) and more than thirty biologically active peptides (neuropeptide Y, dopamine, chromogranins A, B, C, methionine, calcitonin gene-related peptide, leucine, enkephalin, substance P, synaptophysine, endotelins, adrenomedullin, interleukin-1) are stored in coated granules within the chromaffin cells and are delivered through cellular depolarization and exocytosis via adrenal vein into the circulating blood (Colomer 2009).
Baby mouse placentas that don't produce adrenomedullin look pockmarked, very much like those from human babies of preeclamptic mothers, Caron's group discovered.
EAT has cardioprotective properties through local secretion of anti-inflammatory and anti-atherogenic adipokines such as adiponectin and adrenomedullin.
Adrenomedullin inhibits prostate cancer cell proliferation through a cAMP-independent autocrine mechanism.
vasopressin, adrenomedullin, catecholamines) and paracrine and autocrine mediators (e.