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a catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress (trade name Adrenalin)

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SeaChange Cloud Adrenalin empowers television service providers and content owners to deliver advanced, multi-screen services that incorporate blended entertainment with personalized content.
SeaChange Cloud Adrenalin will be the key to our ability to present the programs we re offering on any devices viewers choose.
Industry observers say HRMS tools in general, and Adrenalin HRMS in particular has an intuitive functionality and design making it ideally suited for human-intensive organisations that have a need for transparency in operations and development of human capital.
SeaChange CEO Raghu Rau commented, "The strong pace in Adrenalin uptake among existing SeaChange customers and, increasingly, new customers underscores how our strategic execution is delivering the gold standard in multi-screen software solutions.
We re pleased that the SeaChange Cloud Adrenalin service is available for Algar Telecom and other service providers to evaluate on site, on their systems, ahead of production, said Sud Kaushik, Director of Multi-Screen Products, SeaChange.
SeaChange Cloud Adrenalin also features the SeaChange Nitro subscriber experience software.
I don't think our adrenalin was as pumped up as it was against Arizona, and hopefully (against San Francisco) that is going to change.
SeaChange's Adrenalin video back office software is a next generation, open service-oriented architecture software that serves as a platform for multi-screen video services.
Adrenalin powers the three pillars of every digital news organization-dynamic content, integrated advertising, and subscription management-and offers publishers a low-risk, low-cost opportunity to establish a powerful presence in the rapidly growing media tablet market.
Operators will use Adrenalin to evolve their on-demand services to provide rich and seamless user experiences across mobile, PC and TV screens with extensive cross promotional capabilities and fully integrated linear and non-linear advertising.
A common statistic is one hour of sleep per 24 hours of racing," said Gary Tompsett, an adventure racer from Scotland who helped organize the Adrenalin Rush.
Adrenalin News Reader: A full-featured news reader application for the iPad uniquely branded by the publisher.
Adrenalin peaks in midafternoon, then sinks to its nadir 12 hours later, so that airway function is best in midafternoon and worst at 4 a.
BULLETIN BOARD: TSPT) announced today that it has retained ADRENALIN DESIGN GROUP to design the new league's first visual icons, marks and logos.