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equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight

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To implement the change, ADR holders on the record at the close of business one business day prior to the ratio change taking effect will receive 2.
ADR Direct's reentry into the Brazilian market represents our commitment to a client base looking to maximize global investment opportunities wherever they may be," said Justin Coppola , senior vice president and head of ConvergEx Group's ADR desk.
Natives, both Anglican and non-Anglican, have expressed strong concern that the ADR process does not cover the loss of language and culture they suffered in the schools.
But in most ADR cases, the arbitrator is brought in to provide experienced and neutral third-party assessments of legal claims and counterclaims.
On review of the facts surrounding Compaq's ADR transaction, the court concluded that Compaq had no business purpose other than obtaining a Federal tax benefit.
The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the district court and held that the economic substance of the ADR transaction should be measured based on the gross amount of the dividend.
The improved reliability, capacity, and performance of ADR technology is possible at a low cost due to four separate tape storage innovations: buried servo signaling, multi-channel recording, true variable transfer rates, and enhanced data integrity.
The ADR Exchange sets itself apart from other legal service databases and search engines on the Web by compiling key details about ADR practitioners and allowing searches based on wide range of criteria.
Although ADR programs vary from employer to employer, many include informal methods that encourage you to discuss your problem with your supervisor, a department head or a panel of peers.
This trend is expected to slacken somewhat in 1999, driven by a slowdown in the pace of occupancy decline, not by an improvement in ADR growth," Fox said.
The American Arbitration Association is perhaps the most widely recognized authority on ADR and a pioneer in the field.
While the application of mediation and arbitration to medical malpractice claims is of paramount importance, ADR offers more.
Coverage includes: the intricacies of mediation, arbitration and other techniques; industry-specific ADR; how to decide whether ADR is the right approach for your organization or client; what employers can and can't do in an ADR program; and when a court may overturn the results of an ADR proceeding.
In the past year, ConvergEx added over 50 ADR trading clients and saw its revenue grow 35%.
Todd Russell, co-chair of the Anglican Council of Indigenous Peoples (ACIP), said his council continues to criticize parts of the ADR process, such as the "40-page application, which is intimidating for many of the people we deal with.