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equipment that records information about the performance of an aircraft during flight

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1) the issue to be considered has been previously subjected to an Other ADR Process between the same parties pursuant to Florida law;
Deutsche Bank has been appointed as the successor depositary bank for the ADR programme effective 1 October 2014.
The European Union's powers to harmonize the ADR systems and to promote their use instead of court procedures are limited and, until the recently proposed new draft directive on consumer ADR (European Commission, 2011a) (hereinafter--the Proposal), had a non-binding character only.
ADR Plus is an algorithmic strategy that allows clients to source liquidity for ADR trades in both US and overseas markets.
In reversing the district court, the Court of Appeals held that IES's ADR transaction satisfied the business-purpose and economic-substance tests, and that the transaction should be respected for U.
ADR technology allows the drive to reduce the speed of the tape under the head by a factor of eight when compared to single track drives.
Although ADR programs vary from employer to employer, many include informal methods that encourage you to discuss your problem with your supervisor, a department head or a panel of peers.
Up until 1998, most markets were able to mitigate their declines in occupancy with strong increases in ADR.
Other forms of ADR include fact-finding, ombuds, mini-trials, private judging, partnering and elections.
Various applications of ADR are currently being used or tested in several types of health care disputes in the U.
Whether you need information on the latest cases and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs or guidance on how ADR can affect your company's or clients' interests, you will want to have this book close at hand.
Specifically, the patent covers ConvergEx's proprietary electronic ADR conversion system.
The Anglican church's view "is that we are not involved in the legal sense in ADR but we can be present in a pastoral way and we have just received the first request for participation from a claimant in Saskatchewan," said Archdeacon Boyles.
Both the government and private industry are taking heed of the potential savings in cost and time that ADR can bring.