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Synonyms for triad

Synonyms for triad

Synonyms for triad

the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

a set of three similar things considered as a unit

three people considered as a unit

a three-note major or minor chord


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Social work has a historical link to the practice of adoption, and it is still the primary profession delivering adoption services, particularly in direct contact with the members of the adoption triad.
The core group of five people consider themselves an advocacy group for people in the adoption triad.
The Adoption Option Fair, hosted by the Agape International Center of Truth's Youth and Family Ministry Adoption Triad, will provide a free continental breakfast, a panel discussion of adoptive parents and adoptees, focus groups for prospective adoptive parents, games and a $5 catered lunch, from 9 a.
Open adoptions have "been shown to be in the best interests of children when utilized appropriately and in a manner that is sensitive to the needs, feelings, and capabilities of all members of the adoption triad," according to the Child Welfare League statement.
The adoption triad has three elements: the adoptive parent or parents, the birthparents, and the adoptee.