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Synonyms for triad

Synonyms for triad

Synonyms for triad

the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one

a set of three similar things considered as a unit

three people considered as a unit

a three-note major or minor chord


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Situating my study within today's prevailing climate of global consumption, I argue that the movie Juno--featuring an unconventional portrayal of the adoption triad and a cynical detachment from public values--not only trivializes and depoliticizes the practice of adoption but also serves as an ideological supplement to today's global capitalism.
Chat rooms facilitate online information exchange for members of the adoption triad who are looking for advice and support in understanding and dealing with their circumstances and issues.
Harper, executive director of Adoption Community of New England Inc., said, "We reach out and support all members of the adoption triad (adoptive families, birthparents and adopted children)." She said one conference goal was to support less-represented members of the triad, in particular birth families and adult adopted individuals.
The shame associated with adoption is often unrecognized by members of the adoption triad (birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptee) (Silverstein & Kaplan, 1982), yet feeling ashamed is a common feeling for adoptees (Common Clinical Issues Among Adoptees, 1995; Leon, 2002; Silverstein & Kaplan; Smith, 1993).
It is open to all members of the adoption triad and their partners.
The core group of five people consider themselves an advocacy group for people in the adoption triad. Their vision is to regain the mental, physical, emotional, and well-being of Aboriginal people 'who have been removed from their families, communities and their cultures by sharing information, knowledge resources and support.
Birthparents are the least studied, understood and served members of the adoption triad. Birthparents are also often the invisible members of the adoption triad.
According to most current literature on adoption, Ben, his birthmother and I are part of an "adoption triad," a threesome eternally linked not only by birth and choice but by a lifelong sense of loss.