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Synonyms for adoption

Synonyms for adoption

a ready taking up of something

Synonyms for adoption

the act of accepting with approval

a legal proceeding that creates a parent-child relation between persons not related by blood

the appropriation (of ideas or words etc) from another source

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An adopted child learns some important lessons on what makes a parent 'real' in this gentle story of discovery which receives Christy Hale's warm, realistic drawings.
Preliminary transactions often occurred through the mail, the adopted child was accompanied to America by a paid attendant, and no one in a position of responsibility ever met the adopting family or inspected their home and qualifications; the adoptive parents did not meet the child until s/he actually arri ved in their home.
Luis Puenzo's directorial debut is a disturbing and edgy political thriller about a middle-class Argentinian who discovers the real truth about her adopted child.
Nearly all parents -- 95 percent -- said they experienced a strong attachment to their adopted child.
However, if the taxpayer is unmarried, and the qualifying dependent is an unmarried child, grandchild, stepchild or adopted child, he does not have to be a dependent.
Now they know they can still go in for an adopted child.
The move prompted one of the council's Independent councillors, Coun Adam Brown, himself an adopted child, to pull away from his group.
My partner and I live there with our 2-year-old adopted child, and my partner's single sister is raising her granddaughter there.
Greeting cards and announcements printed by mainstream companies proclaim the arrival of the adopted child.
Saffy is an adopted child in a funny family; her beloved grandfather has died and left something to each of his grandchildren; but Saffy's present remains obscure and unidentified.
There's also the oldest adopted child, 18-year-old Margaret, an epileptic who is Susan's primary helper.
They plan to raise their adopted child outside Britain.
58] Until 1950 when the Supreme Court made a landmark ruling declaring that from the moment of adoption all ties between the adoptee and biological parents were severed, [59] the wish to leave an adopted child in the best possible custodial and financial positions could involve calling on biological families to do their share for children they had brought into the world.
The book is very accessible and well arranged in five sections exploring different aspects of growing up as an adopted child.
Big steps for little people; parenting your adopted child.