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any handsome young man

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(Greek mythology) a handsome youth loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone

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As he roams the town, Adam crosses paths again with Mike who introduces him to the local male nude revue bar, where delirious women thrust dollar bills into the sweaty orifices of gym-toned Adonises. It transpires that Mike is the club's star turn and earns big bucks alongside fellow dancers Ken (Matt Bomer), Richie (Joe Manganiello), Tarzan (Kevin Nash) and Tito (Adam Rodriguez) under the watchful eye of manager Dallas (Matthew McConaughey).
With all of the gadgets and gizmos available that promise six-pack abs, you might think we should be a nation of strapping Adonises. The current U.S.
The models are not Adonises they are ordinary men who are willing to take their kit off." Customers are given easels, canvases, paints and taught by an art teacher.
We are still a long way even from Francesca Woodman's stylized teen angel or Robert Mapplethorpe's sculptural, silver-gelatin Adonises. These grainy prints turn flesh into gritty newsprint: sooty, flat, and gray.
The flashback scenes, by contrast, feature Biff and Happy proudly admired by their father for being "both built like Adonises" in a comfortable, middle-American setting (114).
Bak refers to him as "half man, half savage" (31)--Colonel Manly contrasts sharply with Dimple and the other jaded, effeminate beaux of New York, of whom Charlotte Manly observes, "such is the delicacy of their complexion, dress, and address, that, even had I no reliance on the honour of our dear Adonises, I would trust myself in any possible situation with them" (22).
Infomercial Adonises pitch elliptical trainers and recumbent cycles far more vigorously than Ronald McDonald pitches McNuggets.
Part II: Adonises in underwear: The new male beauty ideal, articles originally appeared in The Boston Phoenix.
Star performance Euro Leader, for his Kerry National win under top weight Bronze Adonises
'We're not all Adonises with washboard stomachs and good looks which is part of the reason I get cast a lot.
A horde of body-slapping cavemen suddenly shed their scraggly duds, transforming themselves into a chorus line of bikini-clad Adonises. In Chippendale-esque fashion, the men take turns primping and preening on pedestals, popping their biceps and rippling their abs.
you're both built like Adonises." (21) He has them steal
Could it be that these symphonies in highly flammable mixed fibres think they are Brit born Adonises? Or is it more to do with a pitiful cluelessness when it comes to vacation vogue?
Lovely young girls in white gloves and gowns; adorable young Adonises escorting them; and proud parents bawling at the sight--no wonder the tradition continues.