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Synonyms for methadone

synthetic narcotic drug similar to morphine but less habit-forming

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According to Adolphine Schwartz, who had her nose operated on by Joseph, "When he felt that someone suffered from a 'Jewish nose,' he would operate for free." By the 1960s and 1970s, rhinoplasty had become a rite of passage for many young Jewish girls.
Avoiding deforestation and stopping industrial logging will allow Indigenous peoples to live and will secure our future," said Adolphine Muley, of the Union pour l'Emancipation de la Femme Autochtone in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Its decorative extravagance drew our eye to it and on examining closely the name on the base, it was clear to see it was a piece by one Charlotte Antoinette Adolphine Rhead.
However, perhaps Maria had it in her power to challenge her father and refuse themarriage toHermann.Maria's aunt Adolphine Wolfsberg (Dolph) has never married, and Kitty in Anna Karenina initially refuses Levin.
Simone Adolphine Weft was born in Paris on February 3, 1909, the second child and only daughter of Bernard and Selma Weil.
Four years later, however, Adolphine Kok (married name van den Hoek-Kok) did attempt to join the bar in Rotterdam and had the unique experience of being accepted without government interference.
Unfinished at his death, it was brought to full fruition by his former pupil Adolphine Bakker and other Dutch scholars.