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United States newspaper publisher (1858-1935)


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Adolph Ochs, the original member of the Ochs Sulzberger clan, married Effie Wise, the daughter of Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, a leading American Reform Jewish scholar who founded the movement's rabbinical school, the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, as well as The American Israelite newspaper (Ed: Israel News Faxx editor was an award-winning reporter at that newspaper from 1987-1991).
There he joined the staff of Adolph Ochs's New York Times, where he served on the editorial board.
These include the reforming examples of Savannah, Richmond, Charleston; the role of reform Jews as political leaders; and the prominence of Jews with Southern roots, among them Adolph Ochs, Bernard Baruch, Isadore Strauss, and the Lehmans.
298); and Jews like Adolph Ochs, who did not allow Jews to be appointed to the senior editorial staff of The New York Times, a newspaper of which he was the publisher for almost 40 years.
[Golden is Adolph Ochs' great-grandson.] Did that have an impact on you growing up or not?
This is the true story of one such family--the family of Adolph Ochs, future publisher of The New York Times.
The biography of Adolph Ochs is what we like to think of as an American life, and it is emblematic of the possibilities this country historically has offered.
The idea of some kind of journalistic mission statement is not new: Adolph Ochs' ethical credo is still printed at the top of every New York Times, and Eugene Meyer's is on the wall of the lobby of The Washington Post.
The party was a celebration of the day one century earlier when Punch's grandfather, Adolph Ochs, bought the floundering (and then-hyphenated) New-York Times and began the long, steady campaign to turn it into the best newspaper in the country.
The New York Times today rests on the sound foundation laid by Adolph Ochs. That base was built not by an icon, but by a brilliant, driven man with human frailties and sad eyes who hungered for respect and created the world's best newspaper to earn it.
A few years later on a train trip to New York, however, New York Times publisher Adolph Ochs offered Lawrence some valuable advice: There just aren't enough people who need daily information with that level of detail to support an advertising base, Ochs told Lawrence, who by then knew his publication was doomed.
While The Times "foundered" financially after Raymond's death and suffered from the absence of his editorial guidance and leadership, it is clear he set and maintained for the paper's first 18 years the enviable tone and lofty standards that have distinguished The Times under the ownership of Adolph Ochs and the dynasty he established.
The Times was founded in 1869 and soon bought by Adolph Ochs, who later bought The New York Times.
Robert McCormick and Adolph Ochs win only one paragraph apiece?