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Austrian architect (1870-1933)


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Designed by Adolf Loos for his 20-year-old wife, the actress Lina Obertimpfler, this is a room where human instinct rather than reason rules, where one might have sex or erotic dreams of the sort Freud had analysed in his Interpretation of Dreams only a couple of years before.
This exhibition is the high point of MAK's 150th anniversary year and focuses on Viennese modernism, in particular the work of Josef Hoffmann and Adolf Loos.
In his updated and expanded version of the 1978 original, Risselada's book looks anew at the domestic work of Adolf Loos and Le Corbusier, ranging from the Strasser House (1919) to the Last House (1932), and from Maison Domino (1915) to Villa Savoye (1932).
Meanwhile, ornament and decoration were treated as unnecessary, as excessive to the point of being a "crime" according to Adolf Loos .
Ornamentation is a crime" declared the Austrian architect Adolf Loos in 1908, but a century later decoration and figuration are once again in heavy demand, and Pauline Wiertz (1955) and Claire Verkoyen have been at the forefront of this.
Lobmeyr, the first glass company to work with modernist architects and designers like Adolf Loos.
In "Battles of the Mind: Berg and the Cultural Politics of 'Vienna 1900,'" Barker surveys the works of Adolf Loos, Peter Altenberg, and Karl Kraus and their influence on the composer.
Another visitor was the modernist architect Adolf Loos, who decided that Kokoschka's talent was wasted on arts and crafts and diverted him into portraiture by procuring commissions from influential friends--and buying the paintings when the friends found them unflattering.
Joseph Masheck has recently finished a book on the Viennese modernist architect Adolf Loos
remaking the 'ghetto'--by commissioning Secession and Wiener Werkstatte interiors; yet by supporting this style, they continue to mark their difference--or as the architect Adolf Loos commented, they merely replaced the old caftans of the ghetto with the new caftans of the Werkstatte.
Patrick Kovacs offers a chair by Adolf Loos, designed for what is now Vienna's Cafe Museum, and Kovacek Spiegelgasse has beakers by Anton Kothgasser and Frierich Egerman.
As to my true sources, if Gombrich is too far from Rimanelli's reach, he has only to look through his back issues of Artforum for Mike Kelley's comments on Adolf Loos and the modernist abhorrence of decoration in "Foul Perfection: Thoughts on Caricature" to catch up with the discourse.
Not to be missed is the annual autumn salon at Bel Etage (A-1010 Vienna; +43 1 512 23 79), offering an enticing array of 19th- and 20th-century objets d'art by Wiener Werkstatte architects and designers Adolf Loos, Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser.